Graphic issues on the series x

Hi not sure if anyone could help or has any ideas what’s causing the below

Started after the install to the series X never had.anything like this on my old Xbox.

Borderlands 3 is the only game with any issues so pretty sure its not the system.

Any help appreciated.

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Yikes - looks like you’re standing in a swarm of digital gnats!

All I can suggest is (a) checking what your console and screen/TV settings are and then (b) submitting a ticket with a link to that video to 2K support (see pinned thread at the top of this section).

Yeah tried every setting on TV and console even done a full reinstall think a ticket is the only option now oh well many thanks for response

Was the cable connecting box and screen a new one (for example, came with the XBSX) or an old one? That’s the only other thing I can think of here.

This looks bad, Did it happen on performance mode or resolution mode ?

Did anybody ever see a resolution for this issue? I have the same problem, and have no idea what to do, other than submit another ticket or send my Series X back. I have the same issue in Gears 5 and Watch Dogs: Legion. Their support has not been able to help. Maybe it is time to just send the console back.

Ticket still open with 2k support. I have legion and it’s not affecting that or any other games for me will update when I get an update from 2k

Thanks for responding. I REALLY appreciate it.

Interesting that you’re not having the same issue with Watch Dogs. It’s almost identical, except they look like more of a sparkle (i.e., with a little color, mostly red).

By the way, may I ask if you moved Borderlands (or any other games) over to your Series X from your One X using an external hard drive, which is STILL attached to your Series X? I did, and I’ve read rumblings that doing so can cause weird little issues for games that have enhancement issues (e.g., the three I have had problem with). I was going to try some things revolving around that tonight.

I’ll let you know if anything comes of it. I doubt it, but I gotta try, right?