Graphic otimalization lower specs


there is fair amount of guidelines on the internet in general, but I found one trick. It works though why - that’s a complete mystery to me, and it never occured to me to even try it.

Turn off Fullscreen. Turn on Windowed or Borderless fullscreen.

Wtf :smiley: Now my game runs 2x as smoother on mid to high settings then before (even though the FPS counter stays the same), there is almost no lag in previously hideously lagging areas like Sanctuary or the transition to Meridian Metroplex.

nVidia 960, i3 processor btw :smiley:

nope doesn’t work for me.


I’ve done HEAPS of testing of the game’s performance on PC and have found some VERY interesting findings. Some may be aware of a weird bug where loading up the game the graphics appear fuzzy and your frame-rate is uncapped -despite some people already capping their framerate with programs like rivatuner. this appears to be rectified by toggling your display mode back and forth between different modes.

even more interesting though is the fact that the very simple action of changing your graphics settings causes the game itself to slow down! YES THIS IS TRUE! I stood still in one spot and looked at my fps: it was at 144fps…it did not change ONE BIT for 10 mins straight. then i went into the menu and changed some graphics settings …despite toggling them to lower settings sometimes i would notice my fps drop to 80 fps despite the fact i was looking at the SAME scene in the SAME spot.

furthermore, sometimes i would alt-tab out of the game and back in and then all of a sudden my fps would be high again?!

weird AF! game is so bugged!

After some more experience I am sort of halfway back to where I’ve been. So I totally get you. I mean what I wrote worked yesterday. What I will write somehow corellates with what you say, though the other way round???

Yesterday night I realized the game runs smoother for some time after switching from one mode to another (fullscreen - borderless - borderless windowed) ranging from few seconds to few minutes. But in larger amount of cases it runs better not in dedicated fullscreen. This is really strange, and even more so when realizing there is no change of what I see on the screen in terms of loading new textures. Everything is the same in terms of the picture quality.

To add even more and more - it seems, during the night hours the game runs smoother then during the day or in the evening O.O (computer on the whole day).

Can confirm switching window modes gives temporary lag and stutter reliefs for whatever reason but it does not solve anything.

By far biggest improvement I found was setting NVIDIA 3d settings texture filter quality to max performance

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