Graphical problems and issuing commands

Hello I want to address some issues that I find in the game so far
1 Massive fps drop when DOF is enabled I have 60 when I put it on is locked to 30
2 when zoom fighters the DOF blur the background but this is not present when i zoom to frigates
3 Motion blur, when I zoom fighters and rotate the camera the fighter is overlay whit the motion blur effect this is not present on the rest of the vessels like corvettes frigates and the rest of the capital ships.
4 When standard frame sync is one FPS drop to 30 when I zoom ships like the Vayer flagship.
5 When I put shadows to dual light sometimes the shadow of the ships that drop it to the mothership disappear when you zoom the camera.
6 The current UI presets for scaling are not optimized for smaller resolution like 1920x 1200x. The default, the first preset is to small and the next is huge for this resolution if there is a middle preset will be perfect.
7 When I select fighters and set them on sphere formation and give them order to guard a ship, they no longer circle around it for optimal protection, the just stand there.
I can say the game is amazing and specially the visual updates, one of the best remaster editions but this little glitches need fixing!
Best regards Andrew!