Graphics/Audio lag issues - Claptastic Voyage

In the past few days, I’ve started experiencing issues with the graphics and audio for Claptastic Voyage (didn’t try main campaign for TPS or BL2).


  • Graphics seize/lag for 1-3 seconds while on the character menus and vending machines
  • Framerate is almost always smooth during firefights, even big ones
  • Audio starts having reverberations, dialogue takes about 2x to complete
    -Exception: if a character is in the middle of a line and I pause, the word that the dialogue is on finishes normally

Any ideas what the heck is going on? I bought this copy of the game AFTER the big May patch and I completed all of BL2, the main campaign of TPS, and up through the first half of the “Subconcious” map of CV before problem arose

That’s been a problem in sub-subconsicous since the release, they don’t seem to care about fixing it. I’ve reported it in the bugs thread that no one important reads, but oh, well. It’s not our fault. >.>

Thanks for this feedback, @hendenburg2. I’ll pass this along to the team. We have a possible fix that we hope to submit for certification very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!