Graphics bug on Xbox one BB

There seems to be an almost unplayable bug going on with the graphics on Xbox one BB. The symptoms remind me of a video card fixing to die, at times it is so bad I can hardly play. I checked it out on a few other games and it’s only on BB, I was curious if this is happening to anyone else, or is being addressed?

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125 hours in and I haven’t had anything happen graphically.

Yes. Had this happen the other day. I have a Game Clip recorded of it via my Xbox One, but I’m unsure of how to share that clip here. Regardless, I’ve had the same thing. It happened during Incursion PvP.

I’m still getting it still. Restarting Xbox isn’t even phasing it some nights. Wish Gearbox would acknowledge this issue atleast.

Luckily I have not encountert this nasty bug yet, but I remembered this topic - seems some others have the same problem.

Luckily it went away for me. I did a hard reset of my Xbox, cleared the cache and reset pertinent storage under blue-ray,
and after a little bit of time it went away. If you have the issue feel free to post a video and I’ll let you know if it’s the same thing I dealt with

Pulled a still of it from my recorded game clip. The screen will flash with various color bars like this on and off. It stopped after I exited and restarted the game, but it certainly made the rest of this Incursion match quite a challenge. :wink:

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