Graphics Crash (Screen is One Color)

Hello Everyone. I am having intermittent problems when I’m playing BL2 where my primary monitor will just go a single color. During this time, my secondary monitor still displays as normal, and I can still navigate menus in the game, and hear everything that is going on. If I leave it in this state, eventually my secondary monitor does the same thing. The only way I can resolve this seems to be to reboot my machine. My graphics drivers are up to date, and this used to happen with a completely different graphics card as well. Has anyone ever seen this before? Thank you for your help.

I’ve seen reports of the screen going completely white - this with both BL2 and BL1 Remaster - as well as crashing/freezing. I don’t remember off-hand what possible causes/solutions might be, but you can use the site search function to try and pull up those threads.

You can also file a support ticket. While you’re waiting for a response, you may also want to post your OS version, graphics card type, etc., as it would make it easier for the PC regulars here to offer suggestions.

You might also want to edit your account preferences - your email address is showing!

Thank you for the advice! I think it’s been changed. I am running Windows 7, with a GTX970, though as I mentioned it happened with my old card as well, a 880GTS. I’ll open a support ticket with Gearbox as well.

Probably won’t make a difference, but if the connectors are the same, you could try swapping the cables between the two monitors. It might be a cable that just barely meets the specs.