Graphics disappointing

i mean honestly, did gearbox even try?

and for heck’s sakes, did you guys even bother to smooth edges on the models?

Master bait, m8.


implying that i’m baiting? umm, look at the pictures. i’m not making anything up. that bridge/conning tower looks abysmal. and the issue with the bomber is obvious. if i were the modeler on the team, i’d have gotten the models out, applied edge smoothing on angles greater than 90 degrees, and used beveling on those areas i pointed out.

the level of quality in the remaster is sophomoric, however i do notice the homeworld 1 ships don’t seem to suffer from this issue.

these guys couldn’t do anything better than texture sharpening and nvidia normal map psd plugin? there were so much they could have done.

i’m not angry, just disappointed. i hope the old tools still work because i need to do a proper update for these models.

While i do agree about the frigate conning tower needing more work (a few more polys at least), Why does that tiny edge of a bomber that will hardly be focused on need so much spit, and polish? Did anyone stop to think that it was left alone for a reason? This IS still a 32 bit game after all. This is just being really nit picky. Plus is this the “final version”, or an older screenshot?

LOL @ the Nvidia plugin normal maps. Trust me if they just did quick, and dirty normals like that it would look far worse. I know. I did that with the original HW2 ships. They looked good (for quick renders), but not that good. 1024x512 resolution textures don’t normalize that well with the plugin. Those normals in the screenshots were done from scratch.

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I have noticed on older shots that smoothing wasnt done on certain parts of models or not done correctly as u could still see a edge when there shouldnt be one. Tho im gona wait till the final copy is out to public before mentioning it on here.


Sensible. Very sensible.

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There is also this thing called “patching” - textures usually take a back seat to critical gameplay functionality. At least, that’s how the studio I work at operates.

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Yeah… the graphics are dissapointing :smirk:

(credit to HEiRAVON for posting this on a different thread)


Can’t figure out of this thread is a troll or not but I am donning fishing gear and life vest just in case.


Definitely a troll thread, lol.


Strange missile trajectory :slight_smile:


Throwing words like ‘troll’ around isn’t as helpful as one might think.

If you really think someone deserves that title, why post about that? Don’t feed, flag.

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Honestly did you even try with your critique?

The ‘circles’ on your presentation are actually ovals, the lines are all sorts of wonky (not enough AA, eh mlr321?) and the lack of capitalisation of your text disappoints me greatly. I assume this was a rush job.

And for gorbs sake, why did you not bother to line the images up properly?



The critique about the VGR frigate bridge is valid.

But critiques on prerelease assets is not, and I think that is what people are getting at.

I dont think anyone is arguing that the tower texture looks good. I just think the way the criticism was levelled was pretty poorly done. Constructive criticism is always going to go down better than this sort, no matter the validity.


Well said there.

“Graphics disappointing”
To be more precise, I think this is the problem of modeling(UV-Mapping), but not a graphics problem.
I think that the problem is the gameplay and game mechanics are much more important.

You know I feel like something IS missing from the graphics. I don’t know what? Maybe it’s the background just not being far enough away or something. Maybe it’s the lighting? Who knows.

Actually, I think it’s the shape of the ships being very 1999-.

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