Graphics issues - frequent graphic driver crashes possibly?

Haven’t been able to find anything out there for this specific issue I’ve been having.

I just picked up BL1/BL2 off the Humble Bundle, and I’m trying to get through BL1 before BL2. I’m having some issues with what I assume to be graphics driver crashes, though.

This seems to happen at random, but happens more frequently when examining a weapon on the ground or in a crate. The screen will lock up for several seconds before going black for a second or two, and then things go back to normal (with a little FPS stutter before going back to a smooth framerate.) Audio is unaffected - if I’m listening to an audio log (like when collecting Tanis’s excavation logs in the first zone), it continues normally.

This happens every few minutes or so, or sometimes back-to-back within less than a second between un-seizing and seizing back up.

My system specs: an Acer laptop, i5-2430M @2.4GHz, 8GB RAM, Radeon 6650M w/2GB Video RAM, running Catalyst 14.4 packaged by Leshcat (running Leschat’s 15.4 beta1 drivers broke things in other games, but I haven’t tried his 15.6 beta1 release or his later 14.x releases either).

I’ve posted my issue to reddit’s BL sub, and the only suggestion was regarding my system overheating, but I use a notebook cooler and this has happened within seconds of getting into the game, before the system has warmed up, so to speak.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks for reading.

What’s your .ini look like?

Well, I guess I fixed it. I just updated my drivers to Catalyst 14.12, and just played for a few good hours without the graphic hiccup.

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