Graphics Issues On XBOX1?

These new forums are really strange to me. No clue how to operate in this environment. So sorry if this had been brought up.

Im a 360 convert to the X1. Primarily a BL player. Noticed that the graphics on BL1 Handoms collection on my 2 year old plasma were being strange. So i went and purchased a 4k samsung.

Game looks amazing however i cant turn my character without the graphics being weird. I dont know what the term is to describe it. The edges of the TV graphics look almost pixelated when i turn fast. Sometimes it happens in the middle of the screen.

I have a few other games on X1 and it dosnt do that.

Id like to add this is my downloaded cloud character. Havnt tried to make a new character.

Is called screen tearing, Its down to the game using adaptive v-sync. It does it under heavy stress to try and keep frame rate up. Fingers crossed the lock v-sync on so it removes the effect.

Thanks for the reply man. Is that a possible patch? Or vsync something i can do on my TV? Not a real technical guy. I bought one of those curved 4K sets. So if thats a setting that would be sweet.

On pc is a option you change in the settings on your vid card control panel. ( my pc has it forced on for every game) They could lock it on but it might effect frame rate.

I have two PS4 games that allow you to lock the frame rate at 30 fps and that would work as it would stay smooth and not jerk and judder and tear. I don’t know what Gearbox will do but its bloody annoying.

My three year old pc plays these games maxed out and they never drop below 60 fps. Bloody PS4 and Xbone are so under powered.

Yea thats no good. I just spent like 4k on the system and TV. The other games are better than BL. Just noticed all my bonus stats didn’t transfer over either. lol

Oh well ill play this last DLC with the graphics issues and hope that BL3 or whatever is next has less issues.

The Hollodome Onslaught was the most glitched out DLC i have ever played. Id lose sound. Lock up randomly. That was on the 360.

I need to get back into PC gaming again. Get a maxed out desktop.

Dude I wouldn’t have thought to buy a new TV for the graphics problem. Are you sure your plasma was broken? Yes there are some serious performance issues on the Xbox one, ps4 is OK but it is having its own issues as well.

Screen tearing is when the gpu attempts to write two frames out on one refresh, in other words the refresh and gpu communication is off. The fix would have to be either a software change to add a intermittent buffer that prevents the gpu from writing another frame until after the previous frame was written which can lower frame rates or perhaps some optimizations to the code that is better optimized for the Xbox one hardware.

I know recently that the Xbox one update had freed up gpu resources that were reserved for Kinect so programmers can take advantage of that extra power if they tune the code to use that extra 30% [percentage is what Microsoft claims].

You bought a 4k tv… for a game running at 1080? wut.

The issue seems to be fine now. Im not having the issue on the new DLC. Its only when i play on the Demon Hunter mission.

As far as purchasing the TV for the XBOX1 thats just part of it. I really wanted better quality overall for movies and rugby/football ect.

I know right? lol I just love burning cash.

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The amount of rum they could have bought with that money ._.

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A bunch of places have had 4K TV’s on sale recently. I have waited to replace my 10 year old HD tube for a long time and picked up a 55 inch 4K a couple of weeks ago for 599.00. excellent deal for a great tv but I am in the same boat where I bought the handsome collection and can’t stand to play it due to all the graphical problems. not sure who at gearbox thought it would be a great idea to release such a broken game again?

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Thats pretty good deal for one of those ._.

Graphics wise its the TPS for me that has the issues the cutscenes in that game have bad tearing :V

Seriously its not a good a port as BL2

You bought a 2200+ dollar TV just for this game? What’s your job and where can I apply?

The 360 version wasn’t without its issues either. It ran awful in some places.