Graphics look like i went from playing on a ps3 to a ps4

not exaggerating…plus the ability to take the particle effect clutter out.

i can see!


Okay cool im on xbox and i noticed the graphics up grade as well. Wondering if thats why my game has been lagging a little.

Don’t know about lag, but you can toggle from the new default 60 FPS back to 30 FPS if you think that’s the reason. Very bottom option on the main screen is now Extras & Options, but all the game settings are in there.

Battleborn looks absolutely gorgeous now!

It looked weird at first. I need glasses to see long distance slightly clearer, but I don’t need to wear them and usually don’t. But it felt like I put on my glasses. Which is what made it weird, bc I didn’t feel my glasses on my face haha.

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