Graphics look terrible

So as you can see graphically my game looks worse than the orginal Borderlands for some reason. I’m unsure of the problem but I’ve tried the following:

Retarting the game multiple times, reinstalling the game, deleting user data, changing graphics (In both the game and the launcher. It doesn’t seem to have any affect whether it’s low or ultra), updated GPU drivers, double checked to make sure it’s using my GPU, yelling at the screen, etc.

It’s like it’s stuck on the lowest possible settings, and it even affects the Steam overlay. I’m not going to post a screenshot of that but the text is so pixelated it’s unreadable.

Any ideas?

Check to make sure you don’t have any weird filtering settings in your drivers turned on, like morphological filtering in AMD’s drivers for example. Second, looks like your texture resolution is set lower, and Anisotropic filtering doesn’t seem to be on, causing your textures to become very blurry at oblique angles. And third, I don’t know if you’re actually running in 1080p or if this is below 1080p while you’re in Borderless Windowed. Make sure the resolution is set to 1920x1080 at your preferred refresh rate.

I think it looks great with max settings at 4k,

That’s the thing. everything is at “max”. So AF is 16x, textures high, AA on, etc. But it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Running at 1080p supposedly…

Only thing that’s ever come close to this was Fallout 3, but that was due to ini being set to read only and that’s not the case here :confused: