Graphics odditys

Does anyone know why sometimes in this game, certain objects like vending machines might be crystal clear and at other times, blurry? My graphics card is a GTX 1070, and runs just about everything else at maximum quality with no issues. To repeat, the issue is, sometimes things like vending machines or words on displays are clear and sometimes not.

Edit: started a new moze, blurry objects at first new headquarters, loaded lvl 72 moze, went to same place, sharp and clear objects at same place…vending machines in this case.

second Edit: Restarted the new game, everything sharp and clear. Crazy making.

Moderator: I feel i have a better chance of a reply here than tech support forum…

It’s a lag in texture/resource loading when moving/changing view distance. If you wait, the full texture graphics should pop in shortly. I don’t know what exactly triggers this specific issue, but I get the same thing on original XB1 randomly as well. It’s always most notable with objects like vending machines which have both a texture and a graphic on them.


Hmmm. I am on pc though… Thanks.

It’s the same issue, although as I said above I’m not sure exactly what triggers it. I’ve had the same thing happen with vending machines in BL2 and TPS from time to time as well, so I’m guessing it’s something in the resource/memory management code rather than any particular hardware issue.

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I appreciate it. Thank you.

No mention of the strange black cloud effect that slowly grows and consumes your screen, making an alt+f4 the only way to escape…