Graphics Patch in the future?


Just was wondering if the team is able to go in and tighten up the look of the game and release it as a patch, I’ve read a lot about complaints on how unfinished the game looks aesthetically. I love this game personally, and just want it to be able to shine with the rest of them. I don’t hold it against anybody at Gearbox, but I just don’t like how ppl dismiss this game because of the look of it, so any little thing that can help this game to put this at Borderlands level of fandom I feel is necessary. The undertaking for something like that is big, but I’m sure it’ll be good in the long run. I’m not complaining about the graphics, more concerned in general

Thanks for this great game!

I’m not sure how it looks unfinished. People you’re talking to either have never played Borderlands, or are too focused on Call of Duty and Overwatch to realize that there is nothing wrong with stylized, cartoony characters.


Uhm…just because people dismiss it, doesn’t mean they’re right.

I think the graphics and overall design are beautiful, cohesive, and very stylish.

I really don’t think they need any kind of changing, at all.


Yeah, people tend to think that if it doesn’t use all the superb Unreal engine / Cry engine ultra-advanced DX12 effects, it’s ugly.
I heard people say Dishonored was ugly. I heard people say Wildstar was ugly. I hear people say Battleborn is ugly. I hear no one saying Overwatch is ugly ( double standard? ) or how Dark Souls really is quite uninspired ( and got its fair share of ugly textures, but hey, it looks realistic so it’s beautiful right? - on a sidenote, I quite like DS myself, but certainly not for the visuals ).

The question of visuals always had me more than concerned because I work in visual effects myself, and the complete lack of understanding of people about the difference between art direction and actual engine always makes me very, very sad. And angry, too.
I absolutely can appreciate the technical marvel of a Crysis 3, but I can also appreciate the wonderful art direction of Battleborn or Dishonored. Battleborn isn’t perfect but it’s still got a solid Art Direction.

In short, it’s not the game that should lower itself to this kind of people, it’s them that should be educated, really…


If all they’re concerned about is graphics, I don’t want them bringing down my team.


Style wise I think this is one of the most unique and beautiful games I’ve played. Although I wouldn’t mind optimization patches in the near future.

Graphics look fine. Just wish the PS4 version ran at 60fps.

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Oh yeah I thoroughly enjoy this game, been hooked on this game since the beta, and yeah, as long as the Borderlands fans swoop this game up it should do great

Visuals are fine in my oppinion, order 1886 looks awesome that didn’t change the fact that it was a mess when it came to gamedesign. Gameplay first then visuals and BB needs more Gameplay tweaks and overall content, not a graphic overhaul.

I love the look of OW and I love the look of BB. They look both beautiful to me.

Since Wildstar was mentioned in this thread.
Gearbox, please get in contact with Carbine Studios

make a wildstar/battleborn crossover easter egg or something, that would be awesome.

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Unfinished! Seriously, what the hell?

The art style is very nice, and the animations…the effects animations are stunning. If someone doesn’t like it, that’s fine, but if they don’t respect the quality that has gone into it, then I see no reason to value their opinion at that point.

What? This game is absolutely beautiful and amazing looking.

Some of the textures are downright horrible.

I can see what TC might mean, the only good texture work seems to be on playable characters.

Just look at the spider mechs that are in nearly every mission. Some straight up terrible texturing.

Like “this can’t be loaded in, can it?” level textures.

Yeah some textures are really subpar

Just give me option to eliminate the visual noise would be cool for my personal enjoyment in pvp. Nothing more frustrating then be body blocked my minions and it look like I’m in a rave. I mean it gets down right psychotic at times. Just would like a slider to tone it down a bit

What I feel is unfinished is the interface. Menus still look like a pre-alpha version made for internal testing, buttons are tiny and hard to click on, keyboard prompts don’t fit anything else aesthetically, fonts are mixed with no logic behind it, there’s a missing image for chat, ordering and positioning of stuff is not consistent, etc.

I have compiled my rants in a topic: 21 interface issues (with lots of pictures)

Yes please that would be amazing.

Wasn’t this game made with ps4 in mind though? What you’re asking for isn’t a finished menu, it’s a PC exclusive rework of the current menus.

PCs have a completely different input type, so I feel expecting the game to actually make use of it is a valid point.

They did it with Borderlands 2 and even wrote a letter to PC players - see this:

going to leave this here

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Yes, it is, but that’s not the point you were making before. You were calling it unfinished. If you meant something else, you’ll need to remember to stay on topic in the future.