Graveward difficulty increase bug?

While happily farming Graveward today with Zane on level 50 Mayhem 2 which was taking me around 1.5 to 2 minutes each time I suddenly found the difficulty increase significantly. I checked the Mayhem modifiers and found nothing of real disadvantage to my Cryo Night Hawkin and proceeded to try again. Each time the same result ie much more difficult.

I also noticed Graveward’s choreography to be different namely he did not kindly put his head next to the floor to be pounded with crit shorts for a while.

Is this something that others have found occurs randomly?

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haven’t notice any difference. I can still kill it fast with zane.


GraveWard is putting his head down first time for 1/3 of his HP lost.
Night Hawking “special” attribute is that in day it shoots Cryo bullets but at night it’s fire element.
Since GraveWard HP is red, I assume fire deal increased damage to him.

So from all of this I guess You happened to fight him at “night” before and with Your “weaken” damage ( that You feel now) is “day” fight.

Damn, I didn’t know that about the Night Hawkin! What a dumb ass!

Thanks for the info, that sounds like it could be the answer.

Everyday we learn something new :slight_smile: