Graveward fight with mech moze

i already stopped playing mech moze due to how underpowered it is later on, but i realised that its unplayable in graveward fight because theres a 50% chance you’ll fall right through the arena and a 100% chance if you try summon ironbear when graveward tips the arena.

Am wondering if anyone else has reported this bug or has encountered it when fighting graveward?


-_- looking at you devs for some hope here…

I didnt even use iron bear for graveward fight.

Glad I didnt.

I can really see your point about ironbear sliding off plate when he tilts it.

its worse, sometimes it just straight up just falls through the ■■■■■■■ platform or spawns beneath it


I feel this pain…the trick is not to move or jump when calling Mech, and wait until platform is not tilted…until the Devs fix it