Graveward & Iron Bear Cooldown. Some help, please

I’m currently farming Graveward with Moze for a decent Ward for my Brawler Amara. My Moze doesn’t have a “God Build” but can take Graveward down easily at M2 and with a bit of effort at M3. I have noticed that once Iron Bear runs out of fuel after its initial assault, I’m always in the cooldown countdown and ready to go again almost immediately. This happens consistently. If Graveward survives a second assault, my cooldown is as I would expect. Why is my cooldown reduced the first time?

I am using double rocket pods. I use Zheitsev’s Eruption before getting into Iron Bear. I don’t have any gear that affects cooldown. I am spec’d into Explosive Punctuation and Grizzled. Grizzled is irrelevant, as I don’t kill anything. If it is caused by Explosive Punctuation, why doesn’t it happen consistently?

If anyone understands Moze or the Graveward fight better than me (not hard!) and has an explanation for this happening, I’d appreciate an answer. Cheers.

Do you have the Guardian Rank perk that speeds up cooldown while your shield is full?


You get a full refund of Iron Bear whenever you are ejected by the platform when it tips. In the early days after release Iron Bear would often fall through the floor. To prevent this, Gearbox made IB auto eject Moze at a certain point. Since it’s not fair on the player you get a much quicker cooldown refund. If you learn gravy’s attack patterns this can be used/abused to keep a short cooldown on IB during the fight.


@jgartenbenz Good thought. Yes, I do have that perk but I think the answer is …

@cailte That explains it exactly. I didn’t know that.

Thank you both for your replies :slightly_smiling_face:

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