Graveward M4 suggestions?

I don’t know why I always have trouble with this boss. I am plowing through most things on M4 without too much trouble but there are a few bosses that just give me issues and this is one of them. It’s probably partly due to me using mostly a TTB up close type build and that doesn’t work here but on other bosses when I switch to phasecast I don’t usually have a problem so I feel like I’m missing something. I just feel like I can’t do much damage at all and the fight just takes way too long and I end up dying from getting overwhelmed with adds or something.

Is there a particular damage type that he is more vulnerable to or something? I am aiming at the weak points but it still feels like I barely do any damage. I have an anointed cutsman and lucian’s call and a recursion and have tried other weapons but nothing I try seems to do enough damage in between dealing with adds and trying to not fall off the stupid thing when he tilts it. I just hate this fight so much. :frowning:

He is weak to fire, so fire Lyuda is great. I have one with 250% Phasecast and he has no chance to attack.


Well I was using fire but it didn’t seem to do anything. I don’t have a fire Lyuda, either but thanks for the suggestion.

Weapons I would recommend:

1: Fire Lyuda. Depending on your exact build it can kill him ludicrously fast.
2: Wedding Invitation. Can utterly wreck GW. It’s got the advantage of being more ammo efficient than the Lyuda and always fire elemental. Since GW is easy to hit criticals on, you are not likely to run out of ammo.
3: Maggie. Just a very solid gun overall that will do great damage on crits.
4: Bekah. Does a lot of damage.
5: Kings Call, fire. Excellent damage on crits and also very ammo efficient.
6: A low-level Sellout pistol and an elemental projector relic. If you are running a spiritual driver COM, you don’t need the Sellout (make sure to have your action skill element set to fire). Just light yourself on fire with the elemental Projector equipped for your damage to skyrocket as long as you are using a fire weapon.
7: A Dictator, fire. A bit more difficult to use properly but it can put a stupid amount of bullets and damage into Graveward.

Additional advice: Not all of Gravewards critical hit spots are equally vulnerable. His eyes actually take the least damage and you should only aim for them when GW has his face planted onto the arena. His chest makes for a pretty good target, particularily because it is exposed whenever he tilts the arena or is knocked down onto it. His greatest weakspots are revealed only for a short period of time whenever he slams his arms onto the arena and shoots out those radioactive orbs. Whenever he does that, give him everything you got.
To avoid falling off the arena when he tilts it, just keep on bunnyhopping, whilst at the same time aiming for his chest.
Don’t bother with the adds, just try to avoid them as long as possible. As long as you keep on moving they usually don’t give you too much trouble and you can try to keep the weak ones alive for when you need a second wind or your kill skills active.
Graveward is, as you may have gathered by now, all about his critical hits. If you can’t hit them, don’t bother shooting and wait until they are exposed, save your ammo. I would also recommend you make sure that the map didn’t roll additional bonus health or reduced damage from critical hits as Mayhem mods, otherwise it can take ages to kill him.


Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of those weapons and I have pretty much been doing what you mention. I decided to leave and just farm for some cash because I had lost so much and I was about to unlock another bank SDU. Now I’m repeatedly dying to Queen IOsaur so maybe the added levels are wrecking me now or something. Went from almost having enough cash for the 12.5 mil SDU to having half. I can’t seem to kill bosses anymore for some reason.

The Wedding Invitation should be fairly easy to get, all you gotta do is play the event. I’m not really sure what you’re farming IOsaur for, though, she doesn’t have a drop currently and (at least provided you have the DLC), there’s a much better money farm in the final boss of the Handsome Jackpot.
Also keep in mind that there’s no shame in turning down the Mayhem a little if you feel like your gear has become outdated.

try fire cutsman , u may want a annoint tho . mine have phaseslam 300 and GW have no chance whatsoever

I wasn’t farming her for cash per se just going back and completing challenges I didn’t complete and happened to get stuck again doing this. I had almost built back up my cash and now I’m worse than I started. Think I’m about done. Going to go play something less infuriating like PUBG. Wow that just sounds wrong.

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I have one of those. It barely tickles GW. I don’t understand why it doesn’t work that way for me. Normally it works great but on GW with m4 it does almost nothing.

or u can show build and let people see the problem

My build isn’t anything weird I don’t think. It’s just this:

Maybe it’s my gear but I don’t think my gear is bad. It might not be the most optimized or synergized but most of the time I kill things without any issue.

edit: I will say again like I mentioned in the OP that my build sort of revolves around TTB and personal space. When I can use those together I melt stuff and just swap around weapons depending on the type of enemy. Those two things don’t work on something like GW so I have to rely more on phasecast which usually works fine on other bosses…just doesn’t seem to work well on certain ones including this one. Not sure why.

Crit swap with a fire cutsman, 11 seconds. :smiley:

That com is probably not doing you any favours.

Change for a phasezerker

Learning his phases/tells will help predict when he will expose his best crit spots

Fire Conference call with Amara works very well against him


golden rule is the worst com for amara , she doesn’t lack cdr whatsoever . use phasezerker instead , it will give much more damage .

your skill tree should be going for blue capstone and grab all the damage and 1 point for life steal from red tree.

go upfront and proc phaseslam and ase 50 fire and radiation , shoot at the middle with ur cutsman .
it should be dead very quickly .

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Torque Bangstick or Alchemist. Change to sticky mode, load up some sticky bombs on his crits and swap weapons to a Jakobs Unforgiven pistol. GW is dead in about 10 seconds on M4.

Do these weapons work efficiently on every character?

Yes but more effective on GW because his crits stay stationary long enough to load the sticky bombs on his crits.

This method works best with Fl4k due to his Fade Away skill making all stickys critical hits.

Works just as good with Moze with her Some for the Road skill. You can stack stickies for 5 seconds without reloading.