Graveward on Mayhem 3

I’m level 50 Zayne with a whole load of legendaries. I just tried Graveward on and honestly, I ran out of ammo on almost every weapon type you can think of. Is this normal? The only gun that seemed to do any kind of reasonably damage was my Lyuda but even with max ammo upgrades it was empty very quickly. When I eventually had to quit the encounter he was at half health. Now maybe my build is trash but I know how to avoid his attacks and deal with the adds but I just wasn’t doing respectable damage to him. I emptied a whole 1300 rounds of my hornet into him followed by all my one dump chump ammo etc etc.

Am I missing something? I tried all the elements and a broad selection of the many legendaries I have and it was no good.


Well first of all while playing on M3 you want to look at which modifiers you got. It should definitely not be that hard to beat, but maybe you werent aiming for the crit spots or dont know the fight too well, for which i recommend running the fight a bunch of times on an easier difficulty until you learn all the patterns.
Graveward has somewhat simple AI that goes through an exact set of phases depending on what you do, after ive remembered all of them it is somewhat easy to exploit his weakspots whenever you think its good during the fight.
Also ive noticed that if you want to farm him on M3, you need a build solely for boss killing, so no killskills (if you cant activate them), and as many crit/damage bonuses you can get. Most of his attacks are simple to avoid so glass cannon works fairly well, and thats why people take him out so quickly, the fight can be much harder with the additional enemies that spawn after some time, if nothing else those will eat into your ammo reserves.
Hope this helped :smiley:

The lyuda is your friend. Just wait until you get modifiers that don’t destroy your dps. The lyuda can power through some debuffs, but eventually it just won’t do it.
Make sure you only aim for his chest crit, non-crits are wasted ammo against graveward. I’d also recommend getting a good fire smg to switch to when mods favor it or when he falls down and exposes the front eye that is harder to connect all lyuda pellets against.

first time I killed M3 graveward, before learning cheese tactics, was with a fire rowan’s call.

As mentioned. If you are new to Mayhem 3 you might want to check modifiers and compare those to the weapons you use.

That’s a corrosive weapon no?

Get a bunch of fire weapons and you should be fine.
Hitman Tree is probably not that bad for the fight to keep kill skills up.
If you get negative incendiary modifiers you can use radiation/kinetic/cryo.

Graveward is a flesh enemy with some big crit spots. The fight takes a little if your weapons are not amazing, but it shouldn’t take that long.

When I was leveling Zane to 50, I used a lvl 45 Companion to carry me to lvlcap on M2/normal.
Think I skipped minus incendiary maps at the time, since that Companion was all I had lol.

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I use my fire binary cutsman and fire flakker against him mainly. Binary cutsman does massive damage to his chest crit spot, and I use the flakker the rest of the time.

I use binary fire cutsman and a 18 pellet torgue shotty set to stickies.

I try to get him close to the first quarter of health so he slams his head, run up and unload on him. Usually hes dead after that.

With the right modifiers I can down him by shooting his left hand when he slams it.

with the right zane build and m3 modifiers you should be able to kill Graveward with 2 clips of a lyuda

You did not have luck with mayhem modifiers.
Here is a video, showing the big difference in ttk (time to kill)
( btw my build is not completed yet, i still lack some dps items )

First few time times i killed him was with a fire crossroads, until i found a fire lyunda

The only modifier that really sucks is the 30% reflect, unless i sit and wait for my sheilds to recharge ever time, i just keep killing myself

They are reworking that modifier as announced in the discussion about the next patch. So it shouldnt bother you too much longer…

On grave save your ammo for when he slams his left hand down or slams his right hand into the wall behind you. The giant yellow orbs he has for wrists take MUCH more damage than his other crit spots if you aren’t doing much damage in general.

Also, if you are having problems with reflect, try the Alchemist on him if you have it. It isn’t the most damaging weapon, but it doesn’t reflect either.

Or make sure you strafe left or right while firing. This will avoid most reflected bullets provided you aren’t using a weapon that has a bullet speed high enough to trace back on it’s path before you have a chance to leave the spot you originally fired it from.

Thanks for the positive feedback gang. I wasn’t fully aware of the mayhem modifiers fully but now I am, it’ll help. Just to restate though I know the fight front to back and how to avoid the bosses hits and movements…it’s purely a damage issue.

I guess then its mostly to have good on level weapons and a solid skill build and aim for the crit spots, shouldnt be a problem after that :smiley: