Graveyard Moze. The most powerful Gunner build I've ever made

Back in January, I experimented with a Terror build for Moze which, at the time, I considered very powerful. Now, with lv.72 and seasonal events active any time we like, I have reworked this build from the ground up and it has become more powerful than any Gunner build I have ever made. You can see the original post topic here, but I thought I would make a fresh topic so people won’t miss it in the depths of an old thread.

So we here go, Graveyard Moze.

Let’s start with the gear
There’s a wide range of guns we can go for, so we’ll come to that later, but I thought it would be worth starting with 5 pieces of gear which synchronise in a particular way to bring out some spectacular damage.

  1. Redundant Facepuncher.
    Anoint: Melee Attacks have a 25% chance to apply Terror to yourself.

Triggering Groundbreaker easily is a nice perk, but this is really about easily applying 3 stacks of Terror to yourself. One or two shots and you’re normally there. That takes us onto our shield and grenade.

2. Infernal Wish.
Anoint: While Terrified, gain ammo regeneration. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.

Thank goodness we have the reroll machine, because farming this would be a Terror otherwise. For those not in the know, the Infernal Wish grants an additional projectile per shot while your shield is up. For Moze, who has ways of keeping her shield up indefinitely, this can effectively mean double damage all the time. Then there are a few guns which can take this even further, but we’ll get to that later. Nice to get boosters on this if you can — not only do they regen your shield, but they can also be triggered by the DOT created by the shield itself.

The anoint, I considered Terror Health Regen but that is calculated from your max health. Now when we have a standard shield of ~290k, receiving ~3,120 per second is not very impressive. The ammo regen, however, at full stacks gives 21% of your mag per second. That’s more than double what Moze can get by going all the way down the Bottomless Mags tree. Yeah. With this, we can take all green tree damage perks and ignore the rest.

Onto the grenade.

3. Cloning Maddening Tracker.
Anoint: While Terrified, gain increased damage and fire rate. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.

The previous iteration of this build took advantage of the Vindicator Ghast Call. Unfortunately, this grenade can’t drop with anoints (and for some reason it didn’t seem to be proccing Vampyr either) so it’s back to the old faithful. The CMT, great for proccing Vampyr and Redistribution via Pull the Holy Pin. Usually, we wouldn’t see this as a source of damage, but in this build it can put in some work.

The main thing here is the anoint. The damage is in a category of its own, applying to all sources of damage and going up to 35% at 3 stacks, and the fire rate is a substantial 21%. Combined, our damage increases by 63.35% through this anointment alone. Very powerful. I think we have been sleeping on it as a community. The possibilities are endless…

Let’s just pause for a second. So far, 3 pieces of gear. Before picking up a gun, skill point or class mod, we’re getting over triple the damage along with more ammo regen than the entire green tree — all this just for shooting your Facepuncher once or twice. That’s before adding in Urad…

4. Class mod: Bloodletter.

Not normally the most powerful class mod, but when we think about how it can keep up our Infernal Wish at all times and its synergy with Urad, it gets enough punch to blow the hair back on a wookie. If possible, look for points in Desperate Measures and Phalanx Doctrine. Decent rolls would be a combination of: weapon crit, splash, action skill cooldown, action skill damage and mag size. Someone sent me a perfect one the other day: 3 Desperate Measures, 2 Phalanx Doctrine, weapon crit, splash, action skill damage. Mwah! Perfection.

Final piece of gear before we get into the skill tree.

5. Atom Balm Deathless.

Previously, we procced Urad through a Storm Front/Pearl set up. The Infernal Wish replaced our shield, however, so Deathless becomes the next best move. Atom Balm fits the amount of radiation in the build extremely nicely. Suddenly our Infernal Wish is twice as bulky and those radiation explosions really kick. Mine is lv.65 and has splash, radiation damage and mag size on it. Again, mwah!

I think that’s enough on gear for now. Let’s move onto…

The skill trees.
I’ve done a lot of tweaking here, so there’s piles of explanation to go through. I’ll take it one tree at a time.

This is a pretty standard spec and definitely Moze’s best tree.

  • You could easily move the Iron Bank points to Torgue Cross Promotion if you like. It depends on the weapons you want. We already have ~80% splash damage from our com and artifact so an extra 30% isn’t as good as it sounds, particularly when it comes with the added bonus of being able to kill you.
  • Since we’re taking Deadlines, Grizzled, Stainless Steel Bear (and later you’ll see Dakka Bear, Scorching RPMs, Specialist Bear, Security Bear, Drowning in Brass and Desperate Measures), this build can function effectively with both Iron Bear and Iron Cub. Your choice. I prefer Bear to mix up the gameplay, but with Urad and the Terror damage anoint Cub is potentially better. With both anoints, it’s like having the Railgun anoint on all the time, except you don’t have to sacrifice another anoint and it’s actually a tiny bit more powerful. Bear can use pretty much anything, Cub works best with railguns.
  • If you don’t care about Bear / Cub, it might be possible to move points into the purple tree and get Fired Up. I haven’t checked, but I would put exactly 26 points in blue and not take Specialist Bear / Iron Bank in green and see if that’s enough. You are, however, already getting fire rate from the Terror anoint and Scorching RPMs so I prefer it this way.
  • If you find you’re not getting enough from Vampyr, feel free to take a point or two from Stainless Steel Bear.
  • Auto Bear is worth taking for, a) the damage and b) the Guardian Takedown gimmicks I’ll mentioned in Dakka Bear below.

  • Cloud of Lead. Best way to get down the tree. Not really necessary, but the little bit of damage is nice.
  • Dakka Bear. Beyond co-op antics, try jumping into the turret during the crystal stages / Anathema’s bubbles in the Guardian Takedown. You’ll see…
  • Stoke the Embers. One of Moze’s best skills. Grab it, grab it!
  • Redistribution and Rushin’ Offensive aren’t the best, but they add a nice little bit to our ammo regen and survivability. Put these points in Scrappy if you like.
  • Scorching RPMs. 3 stats which multiply with the rest our kit? Yes, please!
  • Specialist Bear. Awesome multiplier for Bear / Cub damage. Love it.
  • The Iron Bank. Depending on what weapons you’re running, you may want to move these points to Torgue Cross Promotion. Less likelihood of having to reload or that bit more splash damage? Up to you.

  • Security Bear is a nice pickup whether you choose to go Bear or Cub.
  • Armored Infantry is just to get us down to the tree.
  • Drowning in Brass, 6 points in Desperate Measures and 2 points in Phalanx Doctrine gives us a base line of +100% gun damage and sometimes way more. No need to take Scrappy, Click Click, Harmonious Havoc or any other gun damage skills.
  • Experimental Munitions. Not always the best, but nice when it’s boosted by Urad and the Terror damage anoint.
  • I tried various combos and 3 points in Thin Red Line and 1 in Vladof Ingenuity gives us the highest shield while getting us down the tree.

Not much to say here, other than the fact Big Surplus gives you massive damage whenever you’re on cooldown. Worth taking, but not worth going any further down the tree.

Finally we should talk about the…

GUNS :boom::fire::zap:

This spec is pretty open to different guns, but I do have some recommendations.

I mentioned we’re taking Urad on all our guns, right? Probably only 2 or 20 times. Well, we are. Urad on all the things.

Whichever guns we use should be a) splash weapons, b) low pellet count on account of the Infernal Wish (preferably one, but two is not that bad), c) best elements would be fire, cryo or corrosive. Shock or radiation aren’t really necessary. Urad goes very nicely on cryo weapons.

As an additional point, I would think carefully about your range from enemies. Mid to long range weapons are preferable, especially if you took Torgue Cross Promotion. There are a lot of explosions in this build and Moze doesn’t do well against her own splash damage.

Then I’d have a few personal favourites, centred around how guns interact with the Infernal Wish:

  • Guns which are already good with Moze get better. Plaguebearer, Backburner, Free Radical, Beacon, Gargoyle, Major Kong, Trevonator, Plasma Coil, Yellowcake…
  • The Craps can occasionally shoot 5 pellets for the price of one. It will now shoot 10. The stickies + the ammo regen are also really nice for bossing damage.
  • Soulrender gets double skulls.
  • Nukem becomes pretty tasty if you can handle the arc and splash radius.
  • Atlas Replay goes bonkers.
  • Ember’s Purge will create pools really fast and those pools are effected by splash bonuses, Stoke the Embers, Urad and the Terror damage anoint. Scary stuff.
  • It might possible to make the Hive work with this set up. Just take corrosive, not radiation.
  • Haven’t tested it, but a Tiggs Boom might get double comets. I should check this…
  • If you wanted to try a COV version of this (especially since she now has a matching outfit), I would move the floating points from The Iron Bank / Torgue Cross Promotion to Matched Set and go with a variety of the Gargoyle, Zheitsev’s Eruption, Rebound, Globetrottr, Major Kong and Yellowcake. You’d still have plenty of splash damage and ammo regen and - 33% heat per shot for your effort.

If you want some crazy damage, shoot your Facepuncher to trigger the anoints, fire a few shots from a Plaguebearer, then switch to a Urad Guardian Angel. Yeah… Your Plaguebearer will be doing 7 times the damage before the Guardian Angel gets stacked on top. Mr. Torgue would weep for joy.

And there we have it! Ghozte Moze 2.0.

Ok, maybe Mr. Torgue isn’t weeping for joy. I think he’s in love.


Good stuff @damien_hine! A nice, well themed Moze build with an offering besides IrOn BeAr Go BoOm.

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Does Thin Red Line’s shield increase stack with a Deathless? I assume yes? I have never tried it.

EDIT: Also cool build @damien_hine! But dang, you gotta have a lot of very specific gear. Also, I don’t think the Flipper gets double projectiles from the IW. It just gets a projectile added overall. So the 9 becomes 10, not 18. At least I think so.


I think Thin Red Line does because the increase from it was far bigger than when I tried 5 points in Vladof Ingenuity.

The gear, yeah, maybe a little specific, but anoints can be rerolled now and any Bloodletter / Deathless will do. I was more showing what the optimum would be.

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Thanks! I did some pretty big calculations and a lot of tweaking to come to this point. You never know how good it’s gonna be until you try it out so to see it be this good is satisfying.


I tracked down the video which informed the Flipper gets 18 projectiles and it turns out I should have been more discerning. Comments section has plenty of people saying it doesn’t work that way. I’ll cut out that part of my original guide. Thanks :+1:


Wait…are you saying that if I jump in Dakka Bear…right before Anathemas Bubbles….I and Iron Bear will survive?

Seems like a plausible strategy to stay on that center platform throughout the fight…With waaaay more uptime for IB. And those Corrosive Sabots just WRECK!

A little off topic but……Other Strategy I have found is wear a Gas Mask with a 73% fight for your life time perk on the artifact. (+123% total FFYL time, Gas Mask plus Artifact)

Get downed by the bubble…so what…stand still and dish out damage….you will have over a minute of FFYL time…usually waaay more if you are applying constant damage. Over a minute is an eternity in this game.

Whenever you want to come back up…find a small enemy and take him out…


If you jump into Iron Bear, pump the corrosive railguns into Anathema’s face, jump out and hop into Dakka Bear then the bubble will destroy Iron Bear and leave you unharmed. By this time, you normally will have Iron Bear back since throughout Moze’s stay in Dakka Bear the Guardian perk Topped Off will be cooling down your action skill overtime. Anathema is really fast with Moze. You can literally hop in and out of Iron Bear and do it in 2 or 3 minutes.

And before / after that the crystals will keep charging while you are in Dakka Bear. You might be surrounded on every side but those crystals will just keep going.


Thanks…IB goes down…but you don’t…and IB comes right back up…

Makes sense…

Good info, thanks!

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Nice build and write up. Well done. In fact, that’s pretty epic, Damo.


Haha thanks!


Just moved a few things around in the descriptions, fixed some typos and added a point about how Iron Bear / Cub works in this build in the Demolition Woman section :+1:


And now it has a +133% buff :rofl:

Theorycrafting something new and it’s looks like it’s going to be roughly equal in power, potentially slightly more, and this time with healthgate.

Update: the new build is looking more and more like the Siberian Nuclear Winter build, so I’m just going to direct people here. Props to @DoctorDragon for creating such a good build!

In other news, my regular rotation for this build has now become the Terror melee Facepuncher, Hornet, incendiary Soulrender and corrosive Hive which all synchronise nicely and do exceptional work in this build.


Flipper is absolutely dope with the infernal wish as the flipper technically has split projectiles so you get up to 18 projectiles with them together

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Are you sure? When I originally mentioned that, someone told me it didn’t. Awesome if it does. I suppose I should just test it.

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Im almost entirely sure it works perfectly together, the gaining projectiles as you fire mechanic seems to be split projectiles as the flipper and craps both work the same with the infernal wish where they get double projectiles instead of just +1

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I tried it out yesterday and it was hard to tell. There definitely was a lot of projectiles once it started mounting up. I suspect you may be right.

i dont think hes right, from what ive heard the flipper gets bonus “listed” projectiles, like the nighthawking, and that thing doesnt turn into x6 with the infernal wish

edit: other example would be unkempt herold, it doesnt gets extra splits, just a projectile

edit 2: if you think about it, if it would be doubled, then it would have been the zane meta weapon, not the redistributor, because of playing dirty

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Would an eternal flame be useful for this build? Just checking as I picked one up with weapon damage, melee damage and Hyperion weapon damage. Or is the puncher just for procs? Happy to give it to you.