Graveyard Moze. The most powerful Gunner build I've ever made

The harold doesnt get more because the harold shoots two types of projectiles where the centre projectile doesnt split but the outer two do, and adding projectiles to the harold just gives more of the ones that dont split.
If you try the flipper with the wish if you manage to move while firing just right you can infact see that there are 18 projectiles not 10 so it does work

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The Facepuncher is completely there to proc Terror and the associated anoints. Also, Bloodletter is very helpful to keep up the Infernal Wish, particularly since this is a Deathless / Urad build.

Flipper gains one extra projectile each shot with Infernal Wish and tops out at x10.


Huh well guess i was wrong, sorry about that, the pattern makes it a bit hard to tell i guess. At least i know the craps works cause you can see the sticky projectiles and watch the increase

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I thought that would be the case. Shame to have those rolls on a Moze mod!!

This build from @DoctorDragon might be of interest to you.

People might be interested to know that I’ve created a new iteration of this build — a cryo iteration. Yes, say hello to Ghost Breath Moze.

It makes sense to start by talking about our gear.


  • Redundant Facepuncher with the “Melee Attacks have a 25% chance to apply Terror to yourself” anoint. Best way of triggering Terror anoints on Moze.
  • Infernal Wish with the “While Terrified, gain ammo regeneration. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.” anoint. Double damage at all times, plus enough ammo regen to ignore most of the green tree and go completely after damage instead. Fire your Facepuncher once or twice and immediately you have more ammo regen than Redistribution and Forge combined.
  • Atom Balm Deathless. Deathless keeps our Urad going at all times. I considered an Ice Breaker Deathless instead, but found enemies were simply dying before they could be frozen so the Ice Breaker actually contributed relatively little to the build. I also found that boosting radiation in the stats had more of an impact than boosting cryo (which gets an enormous buff we’ll see later on).
  • Bloodletter COM. Since we’re running the Infernal Wish, this really is the only option. We have to be able to force our shields back up through Vampyr or the DOT just kills us. Plus, points in Desperate Measures, Phalanx Doctrine and good stats give us a lot so there’s that.
  • Grenade still gets the “While Terrified, gain increased damage and fire rate. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.” anoint but Harmonious Havoc pushes us away from the standard CMT. The Whispering Ice, Hunter-Seeker and Lightspeed are all good choices. I traded for a cryo Lightspeed and was happy with the result.

The Skill Trees
As before, I’m going to take it one tree at a time. We’ve seen the most change in the Bear Mother, so I’m starting there.

  • Tier 1. Big Surplus adds plenty of fire damage when Iron Bear/Cub is on cooldown (I operate this as a Bear build, but Cub is equally viable). Really Big Guns counts as its own multiplier. 20% Bear damage with no drawbacks? Yes, please.

  • Tier 2. Main thing is 5/5 in Harmonious Havoc to give 10% gun damage for each piece of cryo gear you’re operating (with Maliwan guns, check that cryo is the primary fire mode). With the gear I’m going to recommend later, we get +40% gun damage at all times. Very nice. You then have 3 points for Biofuel, Double Time or Explosive Fury. Your choice.

  • Tier 3. Fired Up gives +25% fire rate and it’s easy as pie to maintain. Great skill, take it.

  • Tier 4. Never Going to Give You Up extends Bear/Cub up time significantly. I found I didn’t need more than 3 points, but you can move 2 from Biofuel/Double Time/Explosive Fury if you like.

  • Tier 5. Two game changers. Superior Firepower is a must-have. What it doesn’t say on the card is that each stack gives a flat +20% cryo damage. At 5 stacks, you get +100% cryo damage. This is the standout one point wonder in the entire build. If you want a powerful Bear/Cub, take Feature Creep. If not, move that point to Stoke the Embers in green tree.

    Pretty standard Demolition Woman spec, with probably just one surprise.

  • Tier 1. Fire in the Skag Den is no surprise to Moze players. Biggest boost to splash in the game. Take it. If you don’t care for Bear/Cub, you can avoid Deadlines and Grizzled in favour of Torgue Cross Promotion, but the bonus splash radius can be lethal. Deadlines/Grizzled for me.

  • Tier 2. Means of Destruction and Stainless Steel Bear give nice boosts to Bear/Cub and give Moze an active way to force her stock of grenades back up.

  • Tier 3. What, no Pull the Holy Pin? With the weapons I chose, I found Terror stacks gave sufficient ammo regen that I could skip Redistribution and this secured an extra point for either Vampyr or Grizzled. I picked Vampyr. As before, Auto Bear syncs with Dakka Bear to for Guardian Takedown skips.

  • Tier 4. Vampyr. Moze’s best form of life steal. Irreplaceable.

  • Tier 5. Nothing.

  • Tier 6. Short Fuse. Go and look up the word “meta” in the dictionary :wink:

  • Tier 1. Security Bear, Armored Infantry. Standard. Survivability for Bear/Cub, damage + damage reduction while shielded.

  • Tier 2. Drowning in Brass is very nice for gun damage, always worth speccing into. As before, 3 points in Thin Red Line gives more shield than Vladof Ingenuity, so we take TRL and put a point in VI to move down the tree.

  • Tier 3. Final point into the Shield of Retribution tree goes to Experimental Munitions. Extra damage on crits.

    We then stop here. Points in Desperate Measures and Phalanx Doctrine from the Bloodletter are much appreciated. The main reason for exactly this far is taking the Railgun options. The main weakness of the tree is enemies who resist cryo (including Wotan). The Corrosive Sabot Rounds bridge the gap while Capacitive Armatures makes for nice mobbing.

  • Tier 1. Normally I would take 5/5 in Cloud of Lead, but I experimented with 4 points and that was enough for the Terror ammo regen to do the rest. Dakka Bear I mentioned above.

  • Tier 2. Final points go into Stoke the Embers to further boost the potential of Big Surplus/Fire in the Skag Den.

And that’s all we need in this tree, Terror ammo regen is just that powerful. The main loss in this iteration compared to the previous one is Specialist Bear. SB acts as its own damage multiplier for Bear/Cub, effected by nothing else, so no Bear/Cub will be as effective without it. Bear/Cub is still very powerful, but not quite as powerful as before.

It’s worth experimenting with your ammo regen and the weapons you choose. I was able to get it down to a bare minimum by choosing certain weapons which meant I could spec into greater damage. If, however, you find the ammo regen is not enough, move the points from Stoke the Embers to Cloud of Lead and Redistribution and take back a single point for Pull the Holy Pin in your blue tree.

Finally, what Borderlands build is ready without some spanking awesome recommendations for…

This build gets pretty specific on guns. Thank goodness for Earl’s reroll machine. All guns should be splash, single pellet (synergy with Infernal Wish and Short Fuse), cryo (Harmonious Havoc, Superior Firepower) and able to roll in Urad (so no Juliet’s Dazzle, I’m afraid).

Since every pellet gives cryo, rad and fire damage, we cover all bases and can mow through most stuff. With cryo resistant enemies, simply hop into Bear and destroy them. Puny fools thinking they can oppose us.

My personal loadout:

  • Craps. Stickies demolish single targets, especially when 5 pellets turn into 10.
  • Kaoson. Great for mobbing.
  • Plaguebearer. Mr. Torgue wanted more EXPLOSIONS. Also, I don’t have a cryo Kickcharger (yet).

Other options: Backburner, Beacon, Boogeyman, Complex Root, Faisor (not single pellet, but underbarrel shotgun is powerful enough), Globetrottr, ION CANNON, Kickcharger, Kyb’s Worth (only gets 50% boost from Wish, but still good), Laser Sploder, Major Kong, Miscreant, Mongol, Nothingness, Rebound, Redeye Rocket Pod, Slow Hand, Soulrender, The Lob, Trevonator.

So there we go! A cryo, urad, splash, Terror, Deathless, infinite ammo Moze. What more could we want?


Man i gotta tell ya this sounds badass!!! I’d like to see it in action!!! Also, have you noticed when you combine these 2 terror anoints you get what feels like 100% bonus accuracy???!!! Go grab your HELLWALKER and shoot b4 and after you apply terror!!! You will see what I’m talking about!!! Great Build my brother!!!

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Haha thanks man!

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but quite some time ago I did a cryo urad build pre M11.
I used an elemental projector instead of the Arom Balm. I used laser fare and freeze frame modifiers to get as much status effects as I could, especially cryo. Worked a treat.
Just wondering if you’ve given that approach a try with this?
Personally I don’t do M10 any more so have ditched the elemental projector

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I mean, I could give it a go and it would probably be good but, like you say… modifiers :man_shrugging:t2:

I tried a Bloodletter cryo urad build very recently with non-splash weapons, using a Madcap with 100% amp for multi-projectile ones and an Infernal Wish for weapons with just x1 or x2 listed on the card. Madcap weapons I loved the most were the Heart Breaker, the Clairvoyance Masher and the Light Show in descending order. But even with a cryo urad Heart Breaker boosted by Superior Firepower, it still doesn’t mob as efficiently as the Reflux in my main Bloodletter build which doesn’t spec into that skill.

In terms of outright DPS, the best non-splash weapon I found in testing was the Hail with the Infernal Wish, when critical hits are involved. If you’re not able to land critical hits then I’d say the Heart Breaker is more consistent and reliable. But if you are using the Infernal Wish, go for the Hail. It’s got relatively high base damage for an AR making it decent for Short Fuse, and it would actually be a pretty good choice of weapon for this Bloodletter build due to the Moxxi life steal restoring the shield with every shot that lands.

EDIT: While the Hail was doing solid work, none of the non-splash weapons I tried for cryo-urad Bloodletter were producing the same DPS, synergy or results as my original nuclear winter build utilising the Blast Master.