Gravity Rumble Server Issues?

Hey! My pal & I have been trying to connect to a round of Gravity Rumble; we keep getting full teams no problem, getting to the voting process, but then without-fail it’ll disconnect us in some way.

Usually it says something to the effect of “Failure to authenticate with Battleborn server”, but other times it’ll be “another user has left due to an authentication error”, etc.

The one I just got was:
" Matchmaking Failed
Unable to complete matchmaking at this time. Please select a different playlist of try again later.
The Battleborn server has reported an internal server error. "
– Which, this one clearly sounds like a server issue!

Just wanted to make sure it’s something the team is aware of, if it’s not already being worked on! :+1:

Hi @Lemur,

Would it be possible to have you contact our support team so we can get a support ID from you? Our team is working on reproducing this issue in testing so any details you can pass on to support would be very helpful.