Gravwell Generator post May 6, 2015

Looks like the Gravwell generator has had some attention. :smile:

Effectively the charge bar can now be thought of more as… an overheat bar, so if you let it run down to Zero the generator will explode just like in Homeworld classic.

At first blush this looks like a hefty change, however it not quite that straight forward. If you switch off the generator before it reaches zero it will “cool down” and once the bar is back to full you can turn it back on then rinse and repeat as many times as you wish. so with a couple of generators you’ve still potentially got a perpetual grav well going on.

Granted its definitely trickier now as the generators still take damage when there running, so running repairs are constantly needed and as you can only turn off the generator once its below the half charge/overheat mark your timing needs to be dead on so definitely one for the micro managers out there :smile:

( Related the players salvage corvettes seem still to be immune to the effect.)
EDIT: ignore last, not thinking too clearly when I wrote that line :sleeping: :blush:

Also there is still a small issue with the grav wells on/off switches that could do with looking at,at some point

Currently you can turn the grav well on and off with either.

the Hot key command.

and the right click menu.

But for some reason you can only turn it on using the onscreen special action button.

was this intentional or Bug ?

@scole or any dev involved, are you able to walk us through the thinking behind this change to the Grav well ? I’m interested as why you stopped short of making the charge bar only go one way and so make it exactly like the old classic generator i.e. use once then replace.

Let me just say that NO salvage corvettes should be affected by gravwells, friendly OR enemy. They die fast enough as it is to have them not perform their function as they are supposed to within a gravwell field. Again if you are um-aware all salvage corvettes are supposed to work in a gravwell, that is the whole point behind them having extra engines in the first place, and how they worked in homeworld classic.

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Your quite right, in fact looking a that line I’ve written, I’m not sure why I wrote it :slight_smile:

To be fair it is 4AM where I am . :weary:

It’s just a half-measure to get the explodey code in and working, it will be fully implemented in the balance mod when the duration/radius/health/hyperspace cost/build cost are all addressed at once. Don’t stop bringing up issues though, they are always useful. :heart_eyes:


It would probably make the most sense to have it not be repairable. But flagging ships as unrepairable or something else probably wasn’t ready for this patch so this was done instead.

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You can already flag ships as un repair able. It’s in the addability for it.

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Well, at least now you can’t just set it and forget it. Ideally they should not have regen of the field. The bar should be one way, down.

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I still think that the best option is to split up the research, inb early tech and getting strike craft stuck late tech.

While it would present a small nuisances in requiring two slightly different research tree’s. One for SP campaign and one for multiplayer it sounds an interesting proposition.

are you thinking sequential or parallel research paths ?

I don’t know why they would but…so as to potentially allow the player to skip the Inb research if they so choose ?

Hyperspace jumps ‘over shooting’ is fixed - should be in our next patch. Turns out it wasn’t just with GravWells or anything else - pretty much ANY jump was twice the distance. So you’d aim for ‘before I get stuck’ - and get stuck anyway. But it has zero to do with GravWells, etc - it just always is double what you ask for. So yeah, woo - resolved.


Thanks Bitvenom!

Alot of us assumed you knew about this bug before this thread alerted you to it.

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I have to say that while it may be that way in the code, I can emphatically claim that isn’t how it worked all the time. As anyone who has played with/against me can attest I have jumped to the big expansions at the start of the game 90% of the time on maps when playing and each time I have landed where I jumped to exactly. So it seems that something else may be influencing the issue in code once gravwells or inhibitors come on the field.

Additionally a thought occurred to me, does that mean the jump costs for the HW1 races were being incorrectly calculated? Because it always seemed to me to be way too expensive to hyper any ships for raids, defeating half the purpose of playing the race. I mean why does it cost double the build cost of a unit to jump it more than 5 KM (gravwells anyone)?

what i have noticed while having the sensors overlay on, is that once you jump, the ship over shoots and then comes back to the original destination jump coordinates. the problem is this behavior becomes an issue when while over shooting, the ship finds a HSI field as it gets pulled out of HS in those coordinates.

As for the cost, this is calculated and charged previous to the jump itself, so there is no over charge

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Exactly correct… Always over jumps, but you can only tell when the jump is interrupted. Correct cost either way.