Great and ABSOLUTELY FAIR matchmaking (sarcasm)

So, if any developers somehow read this. Just one question.

6 games today. and every time our matchmaking looks like -

lvl 11-10-3-6-31 (all random)
lvl 55-60-55-74-62 (4 is pre-made team)

Dont you think, thet place new gamers in situation like this - without any slightest chance of wining against pro-team is ruin whole joy and fun from game ?

Same issue here. Just now played a game where we had no one over level 15 and no one in a group. The other team’s average level was around 40, with a 3 person group. Shockingly, this was a one sided stomp. Once or twice is fine, but to have the majority of my games really unbalanced is frustrating.

They have a skill based matchmaking system in place that does not depend on command level. I believe it takes into account who you win/lose against among other things.

They are still collecting data on whether or not premades are an “auto win” vs non premades. It understandable why they are hesistant to take them out of the pool as it could create massive queue times for premade groups (although if they collect definitive evidence that their is a significant advantage I’m sure they will).

I am fed up with the matchmaking system as well. I enjoyed this game up to level 30, now im slightly put off playing online. I am either put into a decent team with high levels or opposite of that. No matter what I do my win to lose ratio is 50%. I dont see where’s the skill in that. Plus cant deal with people in my team choosing 4 dps classes eg. orendi,thorn,marquis,mike against reyna,ambra,miko,galilea ( 4 classes which can heal). My last game literally lasted 10minutes, some people really need to acknowledge its not call of duty.