Great at mobbing

This guy is beast at mobbing. I have 3 level 60 characters: Gladiator, Enforcer, and Lawbringer. They are all great in their own way, but my level 57 Claptrap is the best I’ve seen at general mob control. Using cryo weapons seems to work very well with him, even though I don’t really have him spec’d for that. Any of the Hail smg’s are awsome with him. I also like using the Zim and Ravager combo for tough mobs.

I haven’t really figured him out yet for taking down bosses. I am able to take them down, but with difficulty. He does however take down Ultimate Badasses very easy.

For my playstyle I have found a good Adaptive shield, Vanquisher mod, and the Eddie OZ kit to be the best for me.

I don’t consider myself good at making builds, but this is what I am currently using:

Looks good! I think finding a point for Safety First is important. The gun damage reduction is hardly noticeable, but the survivability goes up, especially when SF - Shields procs.

I agree with you. The last point I spent was a toss up between Repulsive or Safety First. My next point will go to SF.

You’re build is very similar to mine here, maybe the videos in that thread will help you figure out boss fights a bit better. I strongly suggest putting the points from wax on wax off into One Last Thing instead, since that can push your Ravager’s damage up to 48x. (x8 x3 x2 from OLT, cryo and crit)


Yeah, Clappy’s boss/badass build usually comes down to one of two builds. Flakker/Ravager + One Last Thing or IVF + Load n’ Splode. Most of the other points are kind of filler (either offense or defense as you like).

Hail is an assault rifle.

For bosses I use the overclocker class mod and spam grenades and IVF. Taking him through UVHM. Going to find Pickle now.

Thanks for the correction Imapla. I do pretty well for a old guy, but sometimes get confused :wink:

I think a loose cannon mod (or CoE) would likely work better for this tactic if you haven’t already tried them out.