Great game, bad choices


after playing the Open Beta I was in love with the game. I bought it on release date and played it daily. I am not an big gamer and only buy 1 or 2 games a year. After a while, matchmaking was horror and I did not play for a week. About ten days ago, I start playing again and it was great!

Unfortunately, I only like Meltdown. With the new Matchmaking options Battleborn is not for me anymore. I do not really blame the developers (well, a bit maybe), but I am dissapointed. The game had huge potential and was really fun to play with 1 or two friends. Not much PS4 games allow good teamplay. I also found the Helix options super interesting and I loved the almost infinite amount of gear.

All and all, Battleborn was (in potential) a game I wanted to play for a long time. There where a few things that bothered me (no severe penalties for leavers, unfair and weird matchmaking, character balancing), but the last change made me pick up another game.

I really hope the creative minds behind Battleborn will stay together and make a new game. I also hope they will hire new people for matchmaking and stuff:)

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