Great game with a couple nits to pick

First, I love the game, I’ve not gotten off the first planet yet but so far, SO great.

A couple things that I feel could be done better:

First, even after re-mapping keys one still has to hit ‘E’ to go from one area to another. I feel it was much better the way BL1 and 2 did it where you use the key you have mapped to primary use.

Second, when you use a key to go directly to the map or other pages of your echo device, why do you have to use ‘tab’ to get back out? Why does the same key that opens it not also close it?

There’s one place I’ve found where i really feel they dropped the ball: The mission where you go into VR to save the girl, why would they make it so you’re your own character with your own skills, weapons, and abilities? This is a place where the crew could have made something great, make it so you play a different character, something else entirely, or something, anything but your current character, which on top of not making real sense, robs a player of what could have been a great experience. Here’s how I feel it should have been done: You go in, and there are a few standard ‘templates’ of who you could be. Either pick a random one or let the player choose. By template I mean a character with a set skilltree and weapons, equipment. Surely there are characters that didn’t make the cut if the final game and those could be used since a fully developed skill tree would not be needed. Or maybe some characters we will later see in DLC. The whole being in VR as yourself just seems lazy.

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve pressed ‘M’ to try to get out of the map. Makes no sense why it doesn’t.

As for the VR, you can’t really expect them to program unused assests and future characters just for a small side mission? You have no idea how much extra work that would be.

Like I said, they likely have partial builds of characters that didn’t make the cut, or just use a standard template for the existing characters. It just seems lazy to put a person in VR and make them exactly how they are in real life. And I do have a very good idea of how much work it would be, which is very little compared to the size and scope of the game.