Great horned skag fade away build

I want a fadeaway build where I can use my greathorned skag with +15% dmg and +30% gun dmg like the r4kk p4k build and still have my pet pick me up when I’m downed. That is all.

No idea if it actually works well I just threw it together on your request with the skill planner. It should be pretty decent though.

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this is more like a gamma burst build but using fade away , u cant have skags in fade away build because too much investment on blue tree which is unneeded

I’ve always preferred Master investment over Hunter personally. I don’t like using Megavore and never cared too much for other Hunter skills either. The damage from Yawp is pretty comparable to investing into Hunter anyways. Yes it can definitely be used for Gamma burst but I would rather invest even further into Master if I was to run Gamma (which was previously my main build / Gamma-red fang-hidden machine).

I don’t see any reason this build shouldn’t perform fairly well.

im not saying it will perform poorly , but it will be better to spend those point else where ,like power inside

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I agree but the OP requested a build to use FA and GH Skag so that’s what I gave him. <3 Not something I personally would yearn to do, but I can feel it as I too love the Skag.

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I’m just saying it would be nice to be able to make that build and have it be strong too they just need to add the skills that beef up pet damage with some sort of added mod effect like God butchers kill skill activation or r4kk p4k split rakks that way you can use gh skag, fadeaway and still do hella dmg might even make fl4k survive better

So I checked out that build I made something kinda like it prior to seeing that. (Sorry I havent been active on forums lately </3) and honestly I love my build but there is no survivability in mine. My damage is 8/10 if I was to scale it but my life is 4/10. Dont get me wrong i dont die much but i definitely cant survive slaughter shaft mayhem4. Which all i play is mayhem 4 so it’s a wee bit of an issue.

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I mostly play rakk builds but I main fl4k and have gotten back into Fadeaway recently. I’ve noticed alot of Fadeaway builds I run into in matchmaking lack survivability and after seeing this thread I’m interested in finding out exactly why.
Anyway you can post your skill tree and give a rundown of your gear?
I ran a Fadeaway build I threw together real quick a few days ago and it did fine but I stopped investing in master after frenzy.
Edit: if you’re on PS4 hit me up, same username.

The only way I can think of something like this working is a “Call” Build with Sickbot (if they have actually fixed it) Use a Cryo Lucians Call, Gurillas in the Mist. You freeze and enemy then go point blank and lay on tons of crits stacking up sickbot during Fade away. Have Egager to Impress and try to maintain Topped off as much as possible so you can use Fade away more often. For keeping your pet up you can use all my BFFs, Until there dead and who rescued who to help maintain your pet.

Why wouldn’t it work? You’re trading at the most 40% crit damage from the Hunter Tree and a bit of gun damage for 80% bonus damage and the extra gun damage from the Skag. Since they’re already using FA, crit damage is covered since, IIRC, the 200% crit damage in FA stacks on top of the normal critical hit bonus. Even it doesn’t, they’ve still got 200% crit damage.

So long as they are going for a Jakobs build, negating the need to get Scorcher for the elemental damage bonus, then they should have a pretty even spread of multipliers and should do fine.

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St4kbot is kind of a joke for console players tbh. Hitting crits without FA is impossible in alot of scenarios. The amount of asc you need to stay in FA is insane I mean my mod, my artifact, and my shield all have asc. And I still cant stay in FA in some cases which those cases are generally exactly when you need it. Plus st4kbot is broken to begin with. best bet of using it is using is with the lucky 7 and having a build centered around 1 single gun in a game based on “bazillions of guns” is just God awful. I came here for the legendaries and the pets damnit. No hate js.

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I’ve kinda been under the impression stackbot was working properly since splash and dot not being crit reset it. I do feel cheated by those mechanics but Gearbox is pretty slow to admit when they messed up so it may be broken.
After reading this thread the other day I was kinda playing around with this build but without having Megavore to boost headcount you’d be forced to rely on a shield like the band of sitorak(spelling?) and multi pellet guns like the Maggie and shotguns to boost headcount when you do get a crit. It seems gear dependant but I definitely feel like I have a good few options for guns with that build.

Pet damage and Hollow Point also reset stacks :frowning: If it were just splash/dot/ricochet bullets it’d be restrictive but a lot more workable, but even the builds making use of stacks accept that you can’t maintain them out of Fade Away.

Having Pack Tactics and Turn Tail and Run on the same com (with the chance for +3) is nice though. If I find one with +3 Pack Tactics and the right perks I might take it over Cosmic Stalker. But it’s not really worth building around the crit stacking mechanic in it’s current form.


I was not aware pet damage counted as my damage only for stakbot… Silly that’s the only thing to reset it that has no logic.
I thought I heard ricochet didn’t reset it and unless the shooting range is an exception my experience says it shouldn’t reset if a ricochet misses. Or do you mean out of Fadeaway non crit ricochets? Nothing about that mod feels consistent but it’s still fun.

I made my own version of the Blue/green build. Splash of red for action skill CD.

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If you’re still looking to make a build like this I just started working on one and it is pretty fun. If you have a friendbot com with +5 (4still works) in barbaric yawp you’ll obviously want that to get the most out of the skag. I run it three shot or extended depending on the content, I have my pet taunt enemies and it can be like using redfang when I chain 3 shot fadeaways.
It can even solo true takedown mode with the right weapons I just haven’t done it without a recursion yet…

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