Great idea! PRO DAY!

hey guys, i had a great idea! what if, in the same vein as the thanksgiving events, their was a day or weekend every month (or some regular period) where their is a mode where only players who are at or above a certain skill level can play. maybe give away a peice of loot or extra credits to the team that wins. imo this would even work even better with the new draft mode. what do you guys think?

actually if you made these days regular you could actually maybe start a ranked system for the pros

How would you determine this? Please don’t say rank. Or ELO

I find this idea kinda… off. Too tired to articulate but I’m not necessarily on board here

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well you can use the same info that was used to create balanced matches

i think it would be lots of fun personally :slight_smile:

even by level would be fine…

hah, you could even do a noob day once in a while so beginners have a chance to practice pvp without getting annhialated.


A “Noob Day” is actually a better idea imo. Make a seperate queue for player with CR 40 or something and below. That would group the more hardcore players together as well to some extent. But as you know, same old problem with splitting queues, the playerbase is still too low to do that (on PC at least).


I think if the system could recognize balanced matches it would create them haha

This sounds good

i know, honestly balanced matches are the only problem i find for ps4. characters are relatively well balanced, even matches are created within a non angering amount of time. honestly having a pro day where only players over level 80 (maybe even higher :\ ) can join would be SUPER. a weekend full of challenging battles :slight_smile: haaaaaahhhh…

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Over level 80 is honestly not a good criteria. At this point, I identify anyone below 100 as a newbie, and probably 70% of the remaining level 100+ players I would classify as newbies too.


Playerbase on PC is too low to even support basic matchmaking. It’s a great idea for a game like TF2 or even Overwatch where there are millions playing but we’re lucky if we have a few hundred players a day.

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i meant as a special day like what they did for thanksgiving. just once in a while

It doesn’t matter at the moment. Most of the player base are low skilled. The experienced ones have stopped playing until the winter uodate is released. Maybe during that time, such event can be great for newcomers and veterans alike.

I think more Battleborn days are in order, and put more emphasis on veteran players helping new players to try to narrow the gap between the two. As of now it’s not a good introduction to the game when most new players seemingly get stomped on most of the time.