Great Improvement in Kill Rate

Recently I got the Legendary Siren Class Mod and this has helped so much. Being at Level 55 I am carefully building my skill tree. However the thing that really works is having Cloud Kill active. When used with a Slag gun they seem to work together as the slag seems to boost the corrosion effect of Cloud Kill. What a difference this has made.

Now I might even try Wildlife Exploitation Preserve solo :slight_smile:


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Slag increases damage taken from all types, including non-elemental and explosive. Cloud Kill is also pretty amazing in UVHM since it got a significant buff in 2015. If you’re going to try WEP solo, make sure you have something in shock to strip shields - a quasar or Tesla grenade does a good job of that. Also, apply slag to everything and then either burn or corrode it. Since you’re playing a siren, Converge is a really good skill for getting through there - group your enemies, shock and slag the lot of them, and blast away.


Yes, you could say that. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s one of the most powerful skill points one can spend in this game, in terms of dps output. If you haven’t seen it, Derch has a video demonstrating that Cloud Kill alone can kill Saturn at OP8 (level 80), using just the white level 1 starter pistol to proc it. If that doesn’t say “this skill is ludicrously broken”, I don’t know what does! :smiley:

Regarding the visit to WEP, bear in mind that one of the very few down sides of Cloud Kill is that it becomes hard for Maya to damage-but-not-kill three loaders to get the gate open to the dock area. As I recall what I did in TVHM and UVHM was to try to grenade something that Mordecai slagged, and/or shoot one loader to proc Cloud Kill then get some shots into a second one during those 5 seconds that Cloud Kill is active. I think Ruin was able to kill loaders by itself, so that’s not directly helpful, though it’s certainly good for keeping you alive while you try to set up three wounded loaders…

Remember to not pick up the Doctor’s Orders ECHOs, since UVHM’s Legendary Loot Midgets actually drop loot somewhat reliably, and the room with one of the quest ECHOs is a prime farming spot as long as the quest is active.

Also be warned that the Bloodwing fight is actually challenging in UVHM. The “safe spot” by the door to the left of where you drop down into the arena isn’t safe from splash, and that can and will kill you. I got through by remembering to leave some skags alive for Wreck and second winds, and basically switching to a run and gun kind of fight once the skag waves start spawning. The bulk of the damage to Bloodwing came in her ground phases, which I was not used to in NVHM/TVHM versions of the fight. You’ll probably want a good adaptive shield, if you have or can find one.

And FYI, this thread would probably fit better in the Maya section since it’s character-specific not platform-specific.

You know you can just kill everything, and the door will still open, right? Murdering everything is so much easier than trying to keep stuff alive. Plus Mordecai being confused as to why the door still opens is funny.


I did not know that; I’ll have to try it next time! I thought the loaders would just keep spawning until you got three at the right amount of damage.