Great raid boss for borderlands 3!


Tales from the borderlands ep.1 spoilers!!!

Think about it. He “died” in Tftb but imagine his great comeback when he rises from some sort of big pile of junk in a junkyard full of junk piles with flames everywhere and everything. It would resemble some kind of arena. Sparks would fly in the sky. a The fight would be during night.The parts where zer0 wounded him in Tftb are replaced with robotic parts. When he rises his dramatic dubstep starts. Then that song plays the entire boss fight. His attacks would go to the beat so you would now when to run or jump etc. Like when the beat drops, a big soundwave hits the ground and the ground starts cracking and lava pours from the ground. Or if you go too close to him his woofer creates another soundwave that throws you to another side of the map. And when he dies, he says: “My woofer!!! I really really hate you” thingy he said in Tftb.

Ideas? Please continue this idea.

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