Great update coming, but does AI count?

I’m really looking forward to completing a lot of lores now. I actually want to play PvP for a change! I normally only do PvE.
Just one question: does AI count for lores from now on, or still not? I was just wondering. :slight_smile:

Oh, and since I haven’t even gotten one so far: any tips on Toby’s killing on rails?
And do you guys think people are going to pick Ambra again now? I love Ambra, but I still need to kill her. What mode do you see Ambra on most? I’ve not played a lot of PvP, but still, I’ve never seen an Ambra (also barely in PvE, she’s still amazing tho!).

[quote=“ShipToWreck, post:1, topic:1541315, full:true”]Just one question: does AI count for lores from now on, or still not? I was just wondering. :slight_smile:

No. You cannot get lore credit while doing private PvP matches, which is the only time you can play against AI BBs.

Thought so, but still thanks!

I do hope that currently achieved marks in reduced Lore categories can count towards completion.

I am pretty sure I did pull off a double-kill with Toby’s Ult once, so I’m hoping I don’t need to try it again. It ain’t easy. I remember thinking to myself: “I have to do this nine more times? Maaaaan…”

I can’t think of any tips for it other than try to use it opportunistically. Be amongst your friends, and try to snipe their kills with it. That may sound like a jerk move, but the thing doesn’t pack the punch to repel two enemy Battleborn within the duration unless they’re very wounded.

Logical thought: when multiple enemies go in for Mid Thralls on Overgrowth, get a friend or two and jump them. Mid Thralls is a classic spot for gang-ups and Battle Royale-style brawls, and they’ll want to stay on or near the trigger pad if the Thralls are down. Put a stun mine on them, and let 'er rip.


The private AI doesn’t count for lore, as for ambra, couldn’t tell you which game type. I play all three and rarely ever see any ambras. I’d suggest capture because that’s where I feel she can actually do pretty well because of the close quarters but also capture usually has the longest wait to find games. And for Toby, you can get a kill with anything (gun, mine, melee, etc) then use your ult to get the second kill and it will count. As long as the discharge gets the kill that says ‘double’ you’re fine, and it doesn’t count if your discharge gets a triple or higher unfortunately. And if you have friends to help, they could play Deande or Kelvin with group stuns and weaken them so you can pick up scraps. Hope this helps and good luck with your versus experience :raising_hand_woman:

[quote=“IPunchHim20, post:5, topic:1541315, full:true”]I play all three and rarely ever see any ambras.

Ambra is getting some nice buffs (expect a lot more Sunspots) so I would expect to see more of her running around after the patch.

Yes I hope she will get played more because after the lore changes, Galilea’s kills on ambra and boldur’s play with Eldrid are the only lore challenges I have left to complete to get all 26 characters completely done

Wow, congratulations. I have alot of time in the game and only have two lores done. You need to get 10 legendary loot packs for that. Lol