Greatest or favorite purple weapons?

I know most legendaries are better but there must be some decent purple gear out there. So far im a fan of the muckamok snipers and artillery gernades

Shrieking Devil (blue) and Love Machine(purple) are two good ones


Purple Atlas launcher with a good annoint can take down annointed in m4

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Jacobs Stagecoaches can get to 25 pellets. An anointed one with elemental damage is devastating.
Torgue Bangsticks with lots of pellets (up to 16) are very good on fade away Fl4k.
Lumps are very good launchers in general, better if x2.


For me it would have to be maliwan terminators with fire/corrosive.

Bangsticks can be x18 pellets and 5 mag size, that is best one.

I really love Torgue Quicke with Moze.
Boss killer

Definitely agree with the bangsticks. I’ve got a ×18 with fire on ase - it wipes out m4 annointed.

My first lov3machin3 had a 50% radiation for 2 mags ASE anointment, and that’s when my graveward farms started taking no time at all

I really liked the lov3machin3 too. Mine was fire

Mine is a level 50 purple masher carbine, just a magnificent rifle in Zane’s hands.

My babies


Kind of a shame that purple Tediores do so much better than pretty much all their legendaries (except maybe the Long Musket against flesh enemies). They and Atlas are really lacking in that department.

I really want more good atlas guns. The concept of homing bullets is great but i feel like they lack overall damage

I do like the jakobs shotguns. I wish their assault rifles were more like they are in 2

I love the dynamics of the Cadejos and Gibberguns.

I never used Atlas until much later in BL3, and never in BL2.
They can be fun in limited situations, and I find their power can be quite effective against tinks and tink turrets. Thought you might like to see comparisons between a purple and legendary examples.


This Vladof purple grenade is really good at throwing off enemies out of balance. With my Bottomless Moze I can literally disable a badass until it dies.