Green Gear makes me sick

Cause there is no other in the Story.

I replayed the stages for the Champion Skins and well… both treasure chests and bosses didn’t give anything else.

I know loot boosters are for sale, but obviously, dumping the drops down in the main Story there the most legendaries can be gained… thats really mean.

Would have written it under “bad luck” IF only one Blue, Purple or Legendary would have been there… but obviously they want you to play the new Operation, since it has decent drop rates… but it still sucks, cause I miss some Legendaries, but you know… I don’t even want to try anymore.


Funny, I did a couple runs of PvE to try and get the champion skins and I kept getting Epic gear drops :o More than usual. Ah RNG, you fickle thing. I see you haven’t changed.


i’ve been farming the saboteur for a legendary and I’ve gotten 5 synthaline tonics and the rest are green. synthaline tonic isn’t even what i’m looking for- it was one of the first legs I got when I bought the game…

Drop rates in PvE are unaltered. @reliikki has it right, it’s just normal RNG.

The bonus from loot boosters is completely on top of the other bonuses you already earn. PvP players running loot boosters will now get a bit of the PvE feeling, as they’ll get at least one pack after every match. PvE will get the normal fairly substantial rewards, and if they’re running a Loot Booster, bonuses on top of that.

Sorry that you had a bad loot day. :frowning:


so the loot boosters don’t increase legendary drops/better than green drop rates in PvE?

What kind of gear packs come after PvP matches? core packs?

I didn’t expect any change in leg drops or anything- it’s just all the legendaries I’ve gotten were synthaline tonic >.>

thanks for giving some info!

Dangit. This reminds me. We really need to put out a pretty, nicely formatted post somewhere with the details on the boosters.

For now, here’s the scoop:

They boost the same in PvP or PvE.
You at least get one bonus common pack every match, win or lose.

If you WIN the match (PvP or PvE):

  • with one teammate running a loot booster:
    ** Everyone on the team gets a bonus Core Pack.
  • with TWO teammates running the loot booster:
    ** Everyone on the team gets on Core Pack and a Random Faction Pack
  • with THREE teammates
    ** Everyone on the team gets an Epic Pack and a Random Faction Pack
  • with FOUR teammates
    ** Everyone on the team gets 1 Core Pack, 1 Epic Pack, 1 Random Faction Pack
  • with all FIVE teammates running the boost
    ** Everyone on the team gets 1 Core Pack, 1 Epic Pack, and 1 Legendary Pack or Random Commander Faction pack

Double XP boost also have stacking rewards now, giving flat XP bonuses for +100XP and +20 Char XP per player running them (up to +500 / +100). That’s on top of the normal 100% base exp shared with the team (that does not stack). Based on the current average hourly rates of xp, that means a 5 stack of XP boosters will essesntially give you near Triple XP.


oh wow that’s a lot, especially the gear boosters!

A good infographic would help as I had no idea it could stack to those levels

It wouldn’t surprise me to see premades running together with these active now that the details are being revealed


Update regarding the saboteur: I decided to try advanced to see if that might help my chances at getting the premium health plan

Well it did help me get better loot from grall, this time I got a Green gear AND synthaline tonic :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Thanks for listing that… thats some good info.

I only got two Legendaries, but both were Max Stats… so I have, a question about the Legendaries.

Was that Luck or are any Legendaries gained now always at max?

The ones I got were from the new Operation and one from a Platin Rank on the Heliophage.

So is that Luck in my favor or does any Legendary come with Max Stats now?

I can confirm that was indeed luck.

I’ve gotten some non-max stat legendaries post-patch. lol

Hi @Jythri I think your very informative (and completely previously unknown) message here would be accessed by a far wider audience if you put it as a note of some sort in the game UI (like the double weekend credit message we get on sign in), rather than posing it in the middle of a random thread named “Green Gear makes me sick”.

I suggest this in the nicest way possible. This is a good opportunity for GBX to make some money :slight_smile:

Added an article to my site with this info. Included some info about the vip pass. Hopefully this will help out with communication.

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Pray to RNGesus, you have bad luck with loot. Meanwhile I get at least two legendaries from Algorithm nearly every time. Whaddup. RNG is cruel.

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I’ve only gotten bolas to drop once in my whole Battleborn career. It wasn’t even max stats… :weary: And Antem is my least favorite enemy from the whole game too…

RNG is Chaotic Evil.

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Very interesting information. I thought the loot booster only affected pve and core pack increased chance of drop rarity. This actually motivates me to buy some if I find some teamates buying them as well. The legendary gear pack sounds appealing to me.

Edit: @Jythri a loot pack is not given if our team loses? or if the battle ends sooner? Also what is the probability to obtain a legendary pack as oppose to a random commander one with 5 boosters?

So with 5 loot boost and 5 exp boost…is that like crossing the streams?

Hey… I just realised the Loot Boosters don’t say they increase drop rates… hm… now I’m a little sceptic.

If I use them… I get Packs at the end of a Mission… but will it also help to get the last Missing Legendaries from the Story Bosses?

I bet not.

Which is good…technically.

Because if my theory holds true…boosters stack with X2 exp and lootpacalypse.

So better drop rate plus loot boosters.

Also, X2 or X 3 exp + up to 500/100

@Jythri Can I get a confirmation or denial on this?

Or is it even crazier and the packs get doubled as well (I can’t see that happening as double only applies to end rewards, not selling things, challenges, and likely not quests either - credits nor exp)

Can one player have both boosters on at once ?

I guess that the XP boost and the Loot Boost can be both active… they don’t take anything away, if they only Trigger at the end of the Match/Mission it shouldn’t be a problem to have the game check the Loot Boost and the XP boost…

I hope that once we get another Lootpocalypse that the bosses will drop more than one gear very commonly and have very good chances at Legendary drops…

Nothing is more Painful than clearing the Heliophage to get a single green drop from Rendain, so I’m kind of haunted by bad luck and hoped the boosters might fix that… but if it’s just a pack in the back, it won’t help me at all to get those…