Green monster and the ion cannon

@Prismatic and myself been knocking around a few ideas about ion cannon and he brought up the question: Does green monster work with charge weapons?

Yes, it does! This is without any skill points and about ~10s charged shot. 95k vs flesh target.

Could be worth to explore?


Are there any other weapons that fire on release?

Proton rifle for sure. I know there’s more but can’t think of them at the moment

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Melter, Shockwave, Particle Rifle

I literally just dropped a maliwan shotgun that charges with something like 436x18 damage on it. Figures. Think I have a good pistol that increases damage the longer you hold it.

hm, i’m drawing a blank. i’ve not been using charged weapons to often

Was it charge and then it auto fires or can you hold it for as long as you want?

I honestly can’t think of anything because I never paid attention to it

I could hold it, and it didn’t fire until release. More damage the longer you wait


this gun with bloodletter + redistribute is going to change the life of moze .

Have you been able to get the effect consistently? I tried testing this earlier today and was getting mixed results.

i’m doing some tests on jackbot right now, and it’s also pretty mixed results. the damage seems to vary a lot.

i somehow applied a DoT for 191k but i don’t know how. not been able to replicate it. EDIT: Nvm, overkill damage.

Nope, Redistribution does not work will rocket launchers - for sure not with this one.
2 points in Redistribution tested with 20 mag ION Cannon regenerate no ammo at all on criticals. Forge seems to be regenerating about 1 ammo every 5, maybe 6 seconds. Looks like those skills work a lot slower with rocket launchers. If math is the same for both skills, then you would need launcher with 60 mag size for Redistribution to work :smiley:

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Figured out it was my transformer keeping the ammo full btw… just seemed odd at the time

i think a cutpurse will solve the issue

PtHP + 2 points in redistribution = you don’t run out of rockets or grenades with this gun. It procs MoD super well.

I’ve been using the Ion Cannon with a Big Boom Blaster shield to replenish the ammo. It’s an awesome combo. Hope they don’t nerf it.