Green Monster Bonus Dmg with ION Cannon

Last night I was testing my damage output in TVHM M4. I am wondering why my GM Corrosive Damage is way higher than my Radiation damage. I am using a Radiation-type ION Cannon.

So what happpened here

  1. I went to VIP tower
  2. Switched to Radiation ION cannon with 120% splash dmg on ASE
  3. Activated Iron Bear
  4. Exited Iron Bear
  5. Charged up the cannon
  6. Quit and login and repeat the farn.

I wasn’t shooting with other guns. I just did one charge of ION Cannon.

Is it because this mini boss Loco Chantelle has Corrosive weakness? But she is also shielded.

Maybe the Radiation Damage was enough to strip the shield and the corrosive damage was then applied to the armor health bar ?

I have only found an ION Cannon with Cryo, got to find me one with Rad or Corrosive, is there a shock one? I really want an annexed x2 one with close sawp 130% damage

Also anyone on XBOX willing to trade one let me know.

Gt- xCaliburxxx

Yeah there’s a shock one. It’s probably the rarest among the other elements (at least in my experience). I got all the Annexed versions but this Radiation is my only one with a good ASE.

Hmmm. I will try tonight without the GM com

Lol my rarest was fire. Took over 10 hrs of farming for a fire one :stuck_out_tongue:

All others I got within 1st hour, multiples after.

My guess is that GM is counting the Ion Cannon’s charge time as time spent firing. That, combined with corrosive’s large bonus (and radiation’s penalty) against armor suggested by another poster above, could explain what you’re seeing.

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We know the GM counts ION’s charge as firing it’s gone over a lot in the Moze section, the question here was about the higher damage which is probably correct about the vs armor bonus.

How much radiation damage is actually being done? Looking at the screenshots, I see corrosive and double digit fire damage in the thousands, but I can’t make out the radiation value. I can’t even tell if its an M or a K - the black bits on the yellow letter are misaligned, unlike the K, so it might be an M.

Now that we have so many ways of hitting with multiple elements at once, the damage display could use a bit of a rework.

@zwangzug Actually apon further inspection you need to take a closer look at your Screenshots. Your radiation is doing 1 million damage(can be seen in 1st and 4th shots), the Fire bonus is whats lower then the Corrosive and it should be in this situation. It takes more then a million damage to 1-shot Chantelle.

If you look closer at your shots you can see the yellow ‘1m’

Easier to see in my clip here as I’m using normal damage so it’s white and easier to pick out.

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Thanks for finding that out. You’re right. The lower value is the fire damage. I remember seeing something like ‘M’ in some of my trials but it goes out from the screen too quick with my Rad ION.

We really need a better way of showing these damages. Maybe a log output (like I see in some other games)

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Even if the numbers didn’t stack on top of each other would make it easier. I guess that would be more of a mess on a playfield where it is already hard to see, though.