Green Monster Build... 13 points left

Using an Incendiary ION Laser and Shock Recurring Hex, the GM can be surprisingly effective, especially when you ramp up the damage and let loose with the projectiles for massive incendiary and corrosive damage. I’ve paired it with a Flesh Melter Otto Idol for some extra meltyness.

My current mobbing build focuses SoR down with TD for survivability and relying on the Otto Idol for healing. I’ve got points in BM for extra fire damage and redistribution.

That leaves me with 13 points for either SRPMs/IB/C.C./SftR or FitSD/MoD/TCP/PthP/AB.

Extra points in BM would give me some more damage overall I think, but points in DW would let me deal with enemies I can’t crit as easy thanks to PthP (though SftR can compensate a bit) and gives me a bit more survivability with Auto-Bear playing decoy. Thoughts on which would be better?

So you aren’t using Vampyr at all and just relying on SOR for staying alive correct? Maybe just take Scorching RPMS and then PTHP/MOD. If you have enough for that. It would be easier to see what you have spent exactly so far you can use Click click is only good if you plan on keeping your mag at very low levels like for example I use it in my ION build and try to keep my mag at 1, or 0 in the case of my Scourge/sftr build.

Yeah, I’m relying on Tenacious Defense, Big Boom Blaster, and Otto Idol for staying alive (just general mobbing and farming, no SS or anything).

And sadly, not enough points for PthP unless I give up SRPMs or TD/PD. Most I can get if I give up Iron Bank/Click.Click. is FitSD and 2 points in MoD. But as you said, Click. Click. isn’t great for this build due to the ION Lasers low ammo consumption and high regen.

So waiting for the DLC that increases skill points. -_-

Can you show a screenshot of your current skill trees with the free 14 points?

Just a fyi green monster damage ramps up the more u hit a enemy not the more you hold the trigger so you are not getting much corrosive dmg

I would skip DW tree for now unless you can hit Vampyr with 14 pts left. The synergy with BT and SoR for Green Monster is more optimized if you just focus on your remaining points on those trees.

I rely mainly on BBB and quick IB for my survivability in TVHM Mayhem 4. Lately I’ve added a Last Stand Deathless (I had a diff Deathless before). It gives me an extra 5 seconds invulnerability every 40s. I can’t tell you enough how many times that saved my Moze.

I also rely on FFYL. I’m not afraid to go that mode coz I know I can comeback.

Ok, I lied. 13 points left. Heres a link to my current build without those 13 points:

@aaroncarrier: I know. It’s why I use a Recurring Hex. It helps ramp the damage faster, keeps the hits going in between releasing projectiles and the incendiary ION Laser does a ton of damage on it’s own (it also has a corrosive mode, but I haven’t had to use it much). Fully ramping GM and releasing the 6 projectiles from my laser does a ton of fire and corrosive damage. I’ve seen crits from just one projectile hit for over 25k corrosive on top of the large amounts of fire damage (if I crit all 6 somehow, its game over).

It also caps, doesn’t it? At like 100 or something like that.

I’ve seen 60% and 100%, not sure which, but yes, it does cap. It’s why I like to pair it with the ION Laser build up all that damage and release it in one giant burst. Lol.

I love the Ion laser, but so far I haven’t gotten any fire. I think the one I use is shock/corrosive (edit)

Edit: spelling.

Ok that’s about what I though you had set up. So, if you want to focus on adding more damage you can go 5 into scorching RPMs(spend the 1 point anywhere to get to it) and then 5 into Fire in the Skag Den. Then you have 2 points to put wherever, probably MOD being a good choice. Otherwise if you want to build safer and more reliable then go for the pthp idea.

Personally I like damage. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, probably my best bet as Click. Click. really isn’t useful with guns I tend to use. At least FitSD will pair well with Hex and the projectile burst from the laser. I’ll have to dig through my bank and grab one of my other GM COMS. The one I have has 1 rank of C.C. on it that I don’t really need. I think I have a 4 SPRMs/1 IB one somewere.

Thanks for the input!

I never realized that it would be constantly procing like that.