Green monster build

I think I found a VERY good way to make green monster shine it would be better with even better rolls and what not but here goes my pitch

Now most people say this mod is bad and it generally is tbh unless u have the absolute perfect rolls but what if I told u that mod was better when mixed with iron bear…
Here is the build I use along with the items I usually only kill like 2 enemies to get iron beat back now that guardian rank skills work. This is without abusing the tipped off glitch. The damage defnitaly tracks up with the mod as I originally do around 33k with the corrosive rail guns then with mod I can get it up to 88k.
This mainly works in the new dlc but even on flash it did pretty solid damage I imagine it could work with some of the other bear weapons as well.

Edit:new mod doesbt affect the iron bear weapons my bad on that. Scorching RPS does very very well for it and actually boost dmg more than stainless steal bear. Tested it with using my +2 ssb on raging bear mod and I did 4k less on crits

Are you saying green monster’s corrosive effect is directly related to your rail gun doing more damage? Because that’s not how it works.

Longer u hold the trigger and fire.
Corrosive railguns are specifically affected compared to the others

Will test this right now

Aw shiz must have been tripping ur def right about that lol my bad. The scorching rpms skill is soo good though it def helps with my dmg more than a mod with stainless steel bear. I dont know how the dmg is calculated on raging bear though

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That’s what I figured it was, extra points in RPMs. I had tested all the iron bear weapons and could have made a mistake or something. I used a green monster mod with +3 rpm compared to a blue mod with +3 rpm.

Is there a cap to the corrosive damage bonus? With Forge and a large magazine AR or SMG, you could literally hold the trigger down for an hour. So does the bonus keep rising? There must be a cap. The com I got had a horrible roll. Most of the Com’s I’ve found are horrible lol.

There’s a cap. It’s I think 100% someone posted the numbers here somewhere. It caps at ~13 seconds.

That person said it caps at 60%sadly that’s why it’s really weak tbh

I found one with 31% extra Assault Rifle damage. Considering my current build consists of nothing but Vladof ARs… it works out well.

60% because you’re doing corrosive against flesh for the jack dummy. I believe its 100% if you remove the elemental modifiers.

Don’t quote me there, but I think so.

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Which is still trash considering how hard it is to keep this dmg boost. I cant believe you lose it as soon as you let go of the trigger. I would almost prefer consecutive hits to make more guns work at this point but that could ruin the Ion cannon interaction. Idk it needs a buff in some way

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Yeah, not defending it haha. I think it should build and decay or something. It should go up to like 300% over 20 seconds, or it should go to 100% over 5 seconds.

I don’t know. Something different.


Yea it should be much higher just so it’s all around solid and not just good on armor. It honestly shouldn’t have even been bonus element damage and should have been more gun dmg in general or honestly change click click entirely to be the longer you fire the more dmg u do

That and the no interaction with Iron Bear…I mean like one of the perks improves iron bear damage why wouldnt the mods bonus work with iron bear. Just a bad design overall but I love the skills it increases so would love it to get reworked.


Yeah, it’s ridiculous.

Everything I can do with Green Monster, I can do better with Mind Sweeper. My Shreddifier with bipod can easily hit crits from a long distance… and I don’t even need Forge thanks to its huge mag size and 2 points in Redistribution keeping it full, so I can destroy things with micro-grenades and a ton of Short Fuse procs if I want to go that route.

Plus it procs Vampyr for extra healing if needed, though I can pretty much ignore DW if I want and just take extra damage and Defense from the SoR tree and rely on my Otto Idol and BBB to keep my shield and health up.

I want this COM to be good, but the other ones are far better.


The real sad truth is that just through theorising alone, we kind of knew that this COM wasn’t going to hold up against other class mods like the Blast Master or Mind Sweeper, ages before the content was released thanks to the screenshots and demonstrations we watched, and yet Gearbox did nothing to act on it. This is before even learning upon release that the special effect doesn’t seem to work with Iron Bear’s weapons.

To create a new class mod that offers not just a lesser benefit, but is so contrived that you need to implement a firing method and invest a certain amount of time, both of which are largely impractical in conventional gameplay, just to reap AND maintain that lesser benefit compared to other class mods. That takes a profound level of oversight, more so when you look at Amara who was already strong enough to begin with before being gifted the Spiritual Driver.


It’s not Amara, why bother?

Seriously though, it is very ridiculous that we can’t get a decent class mod for Moze(or Zane).

It feel like Gearbox aren’t sure what to do with Moze or what direction to take her, which is exceedingly strange considering they claimed that Moze is the character that has been in development the longest.

I guess when Randy Pitchfork made that claim he was talking about Iron Bear functionality, which, no offense to the developers because IB is fun, but it’s nothing exceptional or revolutionary.

Green Monster may be a hidden gem yet, I do not see it.

I just want Iron Bear to talk to me like Night Rider. :sob:


IB needs another 50-100%dmg increase tbh pr have more skills affect it tbh almost all skills need to affect it and some current ones that do need further increases

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I don’t wanna get into it to much since it’s off topic here but I agree, Iron Bear(and Moze) needs a bit more help with Sustain and too-end damage.

I’d like to see a skill, or class mod that let’s Iron Bear temporarily use a second set of weapons.

*Im in love with the grenade annoint that give IB a 20% chance to drop a grenade when damaged! Too bad it’s bugged and don’t work.:unamused:

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