Green monster click click bug?

I don’t think green monster can drop with +3 in click click, intentional?

It is a known issue, drops with +1 max.

I am not even sure that click click can drop over +1 even with purple mods, but I might be wrong here.

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Yeah it’s been known since DLC1 was released that it only ever boosts CC by +1. Whether that’s intentional or not on Gearbox’s part is still unknown as far as I’m aware.

It most certainly can with the Lemniscate and Low-Life mods. I found a pretty good purple Low-Life mod with at least +2 CC the other day.

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TIL that I am extremely unlucky.


I have a feeling soon before DLC1 launched they replaced a 1 point skill (probably Redistribution) with +1 Click, Click… and that’s why that is the max it can roll.

That makes ALOT of sense. And damn wish it stayed redist. That would have made the com better to

Well the GM obviously re-used code from the Blast Master being how it ended up with a 100% splash buff it wasn’t supposed to have so that’s probably the case.


I don’t think it’s unintentional, being able to sustain fire long enough to get the full splash bonus was quite the hoop to jump through at the time when DLC1 dropped. It also gave the COM a nice interaction with IB.

No, it’s definitely unintentional. They copy/pasted the code from Blast Master, which increases splash damage over time and resets when you reload. They changed the reset-on-reload part to reset-on-trigger-pull, added the corrosive stuff, and simply forgot to remove the splash.

They did a similar thing with Moze’s 160% splash anointment on weapons. They copy/pasted the shield/health anointment from shields to use as a template, then only overwrote the second part with the health.

That is exactly what happened, and if it isn’t I will eat my own face.