Green Monster idea

I may; I definitely have a Q-System. I will give this a shot and report back.

Im so stoked for fire damage Moze. It’s nice that she has so much Fire synergy in this entry with so much flesh around to melt.

Fire Walker com might be good for a fire Moze. But probably not an m4 build

So I just stumbled upon this gun from troy and thought with bottomless mags and the green monster com this thing could have some potential

i wouldn’t be too sure it can’t handle m4.

the skill bonuses on firewalker are a crap ton of damage to a fire focused moze. 3 stoke/ 2 DiB firewalker is 40% gun damage and 30% multiplicative to fire damage. thats a lot of damage on an already powerful damage type on moze.

EDIT: actually, i think that may be strong enough that i want to try it with a fire kybs…

ok so my green monster + carrier combo is my first Moze setup that seems to be going somewhere, I managed to clear trial of fervor m4 by hair width . I need more damage and if possible not the clunky get in and out of ib all the time for ase annoint.
first the weapon I absolutely love it

class mod

Now not sure if the relic is a good choice I wanted to capitalize on drowning in brass but I am not sure if kills count are corrosive a lot of ennemies have the melt animation not sure if it is good indication? obviously I d need one with assault rifle and corrosive dmg but it is the best I have currently

I use a grenade mod with 25 dmg on grenade thrown annoitement cause I really hate the whole entering exiting ib

I use a re router shield the idea was to get more dmg and healing

For the tree I see no benefit in demolition woman no point here
Bottomless mag

and shield tree

the idea was to get the kill skiĺl plus extra damage for reduced life but with health gating (40% reserved) I thought it could be good with the rerouter ability to recharge life
Really not sure about this tree
Any ideas ,suggestions?


I don’t have a Green Monster yet but FYI to those that do, ION laser can be fired indefinitely with only 5% Regen and minimal mag buffs. The damage also ramps up as you hold it.

I think you should utilize your time in Bear and not worry about in and out, and try to keep your ammo on the carrier from reloading. You should be able to go a good while with the two mags, I think, and those Corrosive Sabot Rounds are pretty solid. Maybe take a point from somewhere to get Some For The Road to make it so that first mag has extra up time.


I have a green Monster com build that i use in m4 to do the takedown with one other person. If you build smartly and don’t use semi-automatic weapons, it’s a fantastic damage buff against green health. I stack 3 other ASE buffs, including shock damage, and often won’t even stop firing the same gun. Depending on the fight, I can simply hold down the trigger on my brainstormer and clear half a room. I think people are misunderstanding the purpose of this mod. It’s quite good if used properly, imho

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I can’t agree more and hard to imagine going green capstone without some for the road along the way. It’s too good a skill with so many types of weapons and it’s one of the defining aspects of Moze.


Some for the road can round out a no capstone build as well where you get auto bear, full can of whoopass, and expermental Munitions but none of the top tier items. It’s a great way to add survival, and still maintain mobbing dmg


Have we tried building around Juliette’s Dazzle? It has decent damage output, fully automatic and I believe the projectiles count as Splash damage.

It also has the perk of refilling the mag when you get a kill so you never have to let up on the trigger as long as you’re getting kills.

Wait what? Does it really? I thought only the Good JuJu had that special effect.

Personally I’d clean up the shield tree a bit and get rid of the useless skills with little to no benefit for your build.

The most annoying part is if you’re using the tracker round with your carrier with this build because it wastes time clicking back and forth for Some for the Road, and matched set is messed up when you switch from tracker to regular bullets. You can take advantage of that with click click being over maxed though. You’ll start with a few less rounds that have a damage boost everytime you switch from tracker to regular, including with some for the road.

You’re still going to need to jump in and out of iron bear, but you might as well kill an enemy or 2, and use FCoWA to recharge your shield because you have no shield sustain.

Force feedback is pointless. A single PD point seems pretty useless too. BtIC is ok, but not worth it in this build in my opinion.

You’ll get your carrier shock benefit as well which might run out with the carrier if you aren’t hitting crits.


Yeah I was trying out a bunch of different stuff and I figured I’d try juliet’s Dazzle & Lasersploder. I kept wondering why my clip kept jumping up to max then I remembered that gun had that perk as well.

I’ve been trying out various alien barrel ARs with this com. They really rip once you get them up to full damage — especially if you have the consecutive hits anoint.

Here is a clip of me using a shock Blister (apologies for the poor quality; animating the gun chews through bit rate):

I don’t like how the Blister takes up so much screen real estate, but i also don’t like how the Burzum and Mngwa lock on to the first body part that touches your beam.

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I noticed that the mag size seemed to vary for some reason, so it is the tracker switch that does that , sad… tracker is a huge advantage against annointed and help a lot dodging while firing.Fortunately the mag duration is more than ok ,currently I can sustain continuous fire super long .

Ok I ll try what you and others advised
Thanks to all

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Only with Matched Set though. Iron Bank and other mag extensions don’t. I believe it still makes Redistribution regenerate quicker though so it might still be worth the points for your build.

I haven’t tested the ammo regen rate though, so that’s just an assumption.

it is even more messed up than I thought, now that I have respec it regens the missing ammo when switched back to smart bullet, pretty sure it was not doing that when I first started the game. I switched to another atlas weapon same problem but does not regen missing ammo, what a mess !do you know if Gearbox is aware of this issue?

That seems like a cool setup with the Blister. I have a fire one with the 1% damage bonus per consecutive hit. With the GM, talk about ramping up damage.