Green Monster is working on Iron Bear Weapons -?

UPDATE - 1-10-20
Green Monster is working on Iron Bear Weapons -?

I read here a lot that it wasn’t. And when I did some basic testing it wasn’t either.

But I noticed today while farming BOS’s that it was. I was wearing a green monster simply for the +splash and scorching rpms it had on it as I haven’t gotten the class mod I want atm. I noticed things were dying green.

There was an unnanounced hotfix without patch-notes that made a ton of changes last Thurs. Might be something to do with it. Or maybe it’s just the Vanquisher, I don’t know. Need to test more now.


Nice… wonder if it’s only with certain of Iron Bear’s armaments?

If this turns out to be the case (like COM-based buffs are applied to Iron Bear’s weapons), melee enhancements will be my first go-to.

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I noticed this as well, but I wasn’t sure if that was the reasoning being it or if I had some other gear interaction or a bug. I never did test it more.

Hopefully not a bug

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Have you tested this further?

Not really I’ve been spending far too much time mindlessly farming for a build I’ve been working on lol.

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Haha same. My internet was out last night and today so I couldn’t then either.

We’ll have to come back to this later

I gave it a spin: hopped into Iron Bear with a Green Monster equipped (stock miniguns) and laid into the target dummy No green damage. Hopped out, started firing on the target with a regular, non-corrosive weapon: green damage.

If there’s some other variable I need to control, do tell, but there’s one data point.

It doesn’t work at all on the test dummy I know that much. Furthermore it seems to break after repeated summons of Iron Bear. Also I think it’s only applying a DOT and not direct damage. Here’s a Screenshot I just captured with it applying, but repeated summons of IB during that same run never saw it happen again. To be clear almost every kill in the first summon saw green, but after second summon of IB through about 5 summons, it never happened again once.

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Oh weird - I figured if it procced for a regular gun on the test dummy, it would for Iron Bear.

I believe because it’s only applying DOT and not doing the direct damage is why.

Yeah when I had it happen it definitely wasn’t full green monster damage, and I wasn’t able to reliably get it to work so I kept assuming maybe I shot a barrel or something.

I hope you’re ready for it to get even weirder because it just did.

Green Monster works fully for Dakka Bear. You can confirm this one on the Test dummy.


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Yeah I heard about that one but never heard much more about it or confirmed it.

Kind of like Mind Sweeper working with Dakka. Also I think you can ‘crit swap’ with the Unforgiven. It takes the properties of Moze when you use it apparently.

I should add this to the FAQs after testing maybe?

Mindsweeper with Unforgiven Dakka sounds funny even if a bit exploity lol. But goddamn half the IB ■■■■ doesn’t work anyways who could blame a person using that.


Haha exploit? Yes… Advantageous exploit? It’s still Dakka bear.

Mindsweeper works with Vanquisher btw, not just Dakka. Not sure about other hardpoints.

It works with miniguns as well. I believe any hardpoint that has the ability to crit. Ones that don’t crit are flamethrower, melee, nuke. I’d have to double check the other rocket augments.

Its still somewhat advantageous; dakka was doing 19k crits when i tried it out - with rocketeer and sitting in dakka you could theoretically have bear back pretty quick taking no damage…

I’d argue that while it can be used that way, there’s a serious fun factory missing. But I guess that’s to each their own.

If somehow you can kill fast enough, AB could act as a mechanical bull;
Personally i couldnt stand it but the option is there

  • with a choice of dakka, scrappy, or matched set for a rogue point its a negligible loss
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