Green monster working?

I tested this mod on the dummy on the PS4 and the bonus corrosive damage does not show. Is it added to the damage? Cause I do not see any green numbers and unsure if it is in fact added in.


I tested this mod on the dummy on the PC, and the bonus corrosive damage does show. They show up as separate numbers that gradually increase in value to some cap. Let me get a screenshot…

edit - here they are. The contrast is terrible, but the 471 in the foreground is corrosive and the 841 behind is the (stock) radiation damage.

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I think there are more numbers popping up with the green monster equipped, but they are the same color for me. Not sure if blast master or green monster does more damage. So it is working but no indication when it starts to kick in or to tell barely how much extra damage is added.

Thanks for your help

I hope they add a dps on the dummy in the future

There have been unofficial requests to bump the contrast between elemental damage numbers in the game for reasons like this. The corrosive damage starts just a few seconds in after holding the trigger down, and start in the single digits, increasing from there.

It’s entirely possible that it’s not working for you (or the PS4)? Let’s see if others don’t notice it as well.

Yeah I agree , it’s probably a PS4 issue. It’s weird that the extra numbers kick in right when I equip the green monster instead of showing up after a few seconds.

Also nothing on my hud is indicating when it kicks in. I thought there was, but it was redistribution

I tested it at the voracious canopy, enemies are turning slightly green with gm equipped, but to corrosive resistant enemies, does almost no damage. I think the gm mod is changing the overall damage type to corrosive instead of adding bonus corrosive to every shot.

How long are you firing on them (and you’re not letting up on the trigger at all)? Like if it’s a normal-powered gun and there are no Mayhem modifiers up, you might kill the enemy before you see any major corrosive damage show up.

I’m using an engulfing ogre (kinetic) with a 152 clip. Never letting go of the trigger. Fired it for around 10 seconds before encountering corrosive resistant guy. Showed immune and only damage getting through were white numbers (splash damage I think). Once I switched to blast master I did much more damage. On mayhem 4.

I’ll try to do it again and try to get a screen shot.

Build is bm maxed with forge and rest into dw.

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White numbers are kinetic (the ogre does kinetic). Depending on your skills you might also get orange numbers for fire. If the enemy is corrosive resistant, and you don’t have FitSD then you’d only have white damage numbers.

Blast master no doubt will do more damage, it doubles your splash damage. Since the ogre is kinetic splash damage. Green monster will only excel against armor, really. And even then, not by much.

The problem is both gm and bm mods were doing around the same damage on non resistant corrosive guys. Plus it takes 60 seconds to double the splash damage with bm mod.

The only way Green monster will do as much as blast master (after waiting 60s) is against armor, or possibly hitting crits and your mod has some extra RPM points.

Assuming you use the same gun, everything outside of armor resists corrosive a little bit. After 13s of firing the damage will be close but blast master should still out perform it against flesh and shield.

So I used a kinetic Hyperion since it’s easier to see.

First one is no mod on, second is with green monster the moment I started firing.

Here is after firing for a few seconds. Looks like the damage is in fact increasing. Unsure if the yellow numbers is all corrosive or including the fire damage from cloud of lead.

I guess it may be working as intended, but no indicator for the corrosive damage or when it kicks in. Must be for the PS4.

Oh and the blue numbers are white, just weird since I took the pics with my phone

I was typing up a reply when I saw the last line. Your colours are off haha, I was going to say your kinetic looks like shock, and your cloud of lead looks like corrosive.

That aside, in your first picture you can see every 4th shot is cloud of lead. They’re more yellow than the corrosive numbers.

With the mod on you notice a bunch of greenish yellow numbers, that’s corrosive, there doesn’t need to really be an indicator because you can see the numbers.

It looks like it’s working correctly to me. The numbers will increase, and click click may also effect your kinetic numbers.

I must be seeing things cause the fire and corrosive look the same to me. I must be partially color blind. Haha.

Thanks for putting up with me

Honestly they’re very close in colour, it’s probably just your screen settings. Just look for when the yellowish ones start to pile up more, cloud of lead is only every 4 shots. Green monster will be 1:1 with your kinetic.

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As long as you don’t reload you can keep up the blast master bonus indefinitely. 60 seconds is a small price to pay for that. Just gotta make sure your build has enough magazine regen.

But also, the blast master bonus works incrementally so in 30 seconds you should be getting a 50% splash bonus. That’s pretty similar to green monster except you don’t need to hold the trigger down to maintain the bonus.

Unfortunately, i’ve come to the same realization that most others have come to regarding the Green Monster - it’s just not good

I agree, but it isn’t stopping me from trying to farm a perfect roll to test it haha

Moze doesnt really have a mod thats a must use. Blast Master, I dont like since a full minute for the benefit is annoying and limits guns. Bloodletter is decent for my build but honestly I dont seem to be losing much dps with the Green Monster just due to the perks and getting to use a different artifact other than deathless. I feel like all her mods need a slight tweak compared to Amara/Fl4ks and the 1 new Zane mod (which finally makes him great to play).