Grenade Behaviour Limitations

So I’ve been really curious recently about all the different grenade behaviours (MIRV, spring, nuke etc.). For the life of me I can’t find a guide with all the info I want, most notably manufacturer limitations. I don’t mean the delivery method unique to each manufacturer, eg longbow for Hyperion grenades, but which behaviours are locked to which manufacturer.

For instance I’m fairly sure mini merv is a torgue exclusive behaviour, and I’d really love to know what the manufacturer limitations for all the other grenade types are. Can anyone point me to this info?

Gonna tag a few people I can think of who might know, apologies if this is a faux pas.
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I believe this should answer all your questions rather concisely.

That and a couple other excellent works by A Duck and A Bird can be found linked from Lootology


My gosh you’re a legend. Thank you so much. Precisely what I was looking for.

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