Grenade Choice Question

Been farming for a 57 Recurring Hex, but is that the grenade of choice? Should I be going for the It’s Piss?


I use one with rad damage on my clone and drone zane just wow it’s good but it depends on vault hunter and builds some builds require specific grenades

Gerenades arnt that great like other installments. Its really the anoint and people use its piss cause its free damage. Hex is good for debuffs ofc. Rad/cryo. Just depends on your build. I use quasar for crowd control and what not.

Yeah but again for moze there are three specific grenades people go for two purples and spring epicenter while you are right thier damage is meh there are alot more choices dependant on build and class than people realise

I’m running Amara with a ties that bind build.

I’ve grown fond of my Longbow Quasar with damage on grenade thrown, at least in DLC2 - it does a good job of disrupting all the floating mobs that appear in 6 different locations at the same time, lol.

I am probably wrong I have three amaras and for her I don’t think unlike moze she has a special grenade for her builds I could be wrong though for most of mine I just use either a variation of the hex but not the normal one but I make sure it’s anointed with ase

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Believe it or not I still use the ghast call from the Halloween dlc with her. It still is really strong on any foe. Not trying to shut down your topic at all but any elemental grenade will work for her. I use a homing with that build when I substitute the GC.

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Really depends on your build. Both are great grenade choices, it just depends on what you want from your grenade.

I go Quasar. Solid choice in both 2 and 3

I think I’ll get a piss for boss fights.