Grenade damage Resource thread

Stupid question, but why would pistols like the Grog, Rubi, or Teapot get a grenade bonus? Same with SMGs like the Hellfire? I’m not saying it isn’t true, it just doesn’t make sense. With a Tiadore ( not sure of spelling ) I can understand, but a regular?

Rubi, Teapot, Hornet, hellfire, ect have splash damage as well. The gun damage isn’t buffed by the grenade damage, but the splash damage is.


As @maxageddon pointed out, weapons with splash damage get the grenade boost on the splash, which is one of the reasons the Hornet is considered top gear for Axton.

Huh, I guess that makes sense. Learn something new every day.

How does the Avenger work? that thing already has crazy high DPS, but explosive buffs too?!?

Try this.


This thing is insane! wojld you recommend it for an explosive Axton build? Also, is it found in UVH pack 1?

I’d recommend it for raid bosses only, because it’s hard to use. For general mobbing the baby maker is better and easier to use. Not sure wcih pack it’s in but I think it’s the first 1. But u have op8 so u have all the packs.

Does the babymaker get buffed,too? also, i the Avenger is slag element, does that mean the explosive buffs wont make a difference? i really appreciate your help.

Yes the baby maker gets buffed. Just in case u don’t know the explosion after you throw the gun is what gets boosted. I’m not 100% sure on this tho so I’ll ask @johnrr6 to explain it for me. Also your welcome for the help :slight_smile:

With he Avenger, apparently all shots get the buff, so it seems like it would he better.

Oh I’ll test and see if that’s correct later today. I’m sure it is seeing how the OP of that thread knows his stuff.

What buff? Grenade damage? Normal shots from the Avenger don’t get affected by grenade damage bonuses but the special reload projectiles and the final explosion do. The most unique thing about the Avenger is that its final explosion is affected by gun damage.

Gotcha, thank you! What about the Babymaker, same kind of thing?

The Babymaker works like every other Tediore gun in that regard. It has no special reload projectiles and the explosion only benefits from grenade and elemental damage bonuses.

And Dank should know as he was the original tester and proponent of the Avenger.

And that final gun damage/Chuck is tremendously affected if one is wearing a charged up Bee.

Avenger is finicky…and tricky to employ. But once you find the sweet spot and if you are able to keep your Bee up…

NOTHING will approach it damage wise with Axton except the Flakker/Ahab exploit…nothing!

I did Hyperious at OP8…no BAR…in 2.79 seconds for the Time Trials using a Fire Avenger/Bee.

It’s that good.

'Course it took me two weeks to find the right chucking spot but that’s another story…LOL

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Can you explain the Teethof Terra and Avanger full throw please? does the mag size have to be totally full for it to count?

doesnt a Fastball do absutely absurd amounts of damage in Axtons hands, to a slagged target and with an explosive relic?

Yes…but it doesn’t even come close to an Avenger/Bee chuck with matching elements and a Bone relic.

Problem is an Avenger/Bee chuck is sooooo iffy and difficult to employ in a running fight whereas a Fastball is tremendously easy and an almost assured hit.

Wouldnt the Cradle be maazing with Axton?