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Hello all. I never pay too much attention to grenades. Now I’m noticing people talking about fastballs, quasars and what not. I looked and searched for a grenade chart or list of the best nades in the game and failed to find any helpful info. Was wondering if someone has a link for grenade descriptions. I always go for damage and if it pulls enemies in. Thanks

What you’re describing are Singularity grenades.

Generally speaking, at high level, grenades are used much more for their effect than straight up damage.

The Quasar is the legendary Singularity grenade. It only comes in shock and has a Tesla effect added.

Dahl makes bouncing Betty’s
Maliwan makes transfusion
Torgue makes Mirvs
Vladof makes AoE grenades
Hyperion makes Singularity
Tediore makes the standard grenades
Jakobs doesn’t make any
Bandit makes cheap knockoffs of Mirvs, bettys and standard grenades

They each have at least one Legendary equivalent, and many of them are very good.

The “best” grenade is entirely dependent on your character and playstyle. I use a chain lightning in Gaige, a stormfront with Salvador, a purple slag Singularity with Zero and a Quasar with Maya. And all for different reasons. So a chart of the best grenades is guaranteed to be full of sh*t.

I suggest you check the wiki for the broad strokes about grenades and come here for specific questions afterwards. You can also have a look at the Top Gear threads for each character for suggestions and insight on what works well with each.


maybe this can help u

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This is getting more attention now its easier to get (from Boll in Three Horns Divide). High damage if you hit your target, slight arc to the trajectory, comes in various flavours. If you’ve played TPS, the Snowball grenade (one of the choices from a Helios R&D side quest from Jack) is basically the same thing, just fixed at cryo only.

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Thanks for the chart. I’ll look at it on my computer when I get home.

As of now I have found 2 leg grenades. Fastball and I just found a storm front from the LLM. I didn’t even notice the element, that’s how bad I am with grenades. I do know it’s an op1 and does around 400k damage. The blue grenade I use now does around 900k. I’ve done the snowman so many times and never really took the time to look and read the grenade cards. I just buzz over them real quick, but really I don’t know what’s good if I’m even looking at it.

Anyways, thanks for the advice. Just another thing to research for this game (which is alright by me).

The wiki (here) has the table shown below, which includes links to each grenade therein. Like any wiki, it should be used to point you in the direction of your own research, not necessarily taken as the truth, but I don’t think it’s too far off the mark with the grenade descriptions.

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