Grenade features in BL3

So it occurred to me that there are quite a few different grenade ‘features’ some of which sort of cancel each other out (sticky impact) and some that enhance each other (divider MIRV), for example, and I started making notes about all the features I could find. There’s a lot! Some (all?) of these can be included in a grenade at least twice, though they appear to have diminishing returns. Two Rain modifiers makes four child grenades, not six, for example.

Delivery systems:

  • Lobbed: this is a normal, arced toss.
  • Longbow: grenade teleports straight to where you’re aiming.
  • Homing: grenade floats around until it detects an enemy, then pursues it.
  • Rubberized: grenade is pitched a short distance in front of you where it detonates with a basic explosion (of its element). It will continue bouncing forward and off objects/enemies like this for four bounces, doing extra damage over more range per each bounce. On the fifth bounce, it fires its actual detonation system. Rubberized is a rough delivery mechanism, but you do get (let’s assume 10% per bounce) up to 50% more damage and range if you can manage to get that last bounce on target.

    Trigger systems:
  • Impact: grenade will detonate immediately upon contact with anything (enemy or surface)
  • Exploder: grenade will detonate immediately upon contact with an enemy only (if it hits the ground, it’ll just flop there until the fuse expires).
  • Sticky: grenade sticks to surfaces and/or enemy. If it sticks to an enemy, you get bonus damage. If it sticks to a surface, it turns into a prox mine.

    Detonation systems
  • Artillery: grenade bounces around spraying bullets (an old bouncing betty)
  • Bouncy: bounces up to 3 times with detonations on each bounce. The difference between this and a Rubberized delivery is that these bounces start at the point of impact based on any delivery mechanism, and don’t have increasing damage per bounce (where rubberized do, and can only start right in front of you).
  • Jumping: upon detonation, grenade shoots a copy of itself upward, where it falls back down for a second detonation with 10% more damage.
  • Rain: upon detonation, grenade shoots a copy of itself upward, where it floats for a moment and fires three grenades down. The difference between this and Jumping is that the three that come down are spread out and don’t get the 10% modifier.
  • MIRV: grenades pop into three. Unlike Rain, they pop wide and don’t jump up at all.
  • Mini MIRV: like a regular MIRV, but the three child grenades are themselves MIRVs that drop three child grenades each.
  • Singularity: creates a vortex that will try to rise upwards briefly while pulling enemies (and barrels because that’s awesome) towards it before exploding.
  • Chiller: cryo AoE (sprays cryo damage for a few moments)
  • Corrupter: corrosive AoE (sprays corrosive damage for a few moments)
  • Blight: radiation AoE (sprays radiation damage for a few moments)
  • Flamer: fire AoE (sprays fire damage for a few moments)
  • Tesla: shock AoE (sprays shock damage for a few moments)

    Damage Systems
  • Roider: 20% more damage in general.
  • Link: 15% extra damage for every enemy damaged by grenade effects.
  • Large: 20% larger explosion radius
  • Nuke: consumes 2 grenades for the throw with 50% more damage output.
  • Divider: two grenades appear for the one thrown. They’ll be staggered a little, and won’t detonate at the exact same moment (like maybe a tenth of a second apart).

    Enhancement systems
  • Generator: heals shields
  • Transfusion: heals health
  • Force: strong knockback
  • Money: enemies drop cash when damaged
  • Elemental Damage: 20% more elemental damage and 85% chance
  • (Special Red-Text: Funguy, Hex, Whispering Ice, for example): these each have effects unique to their respective grenades, and all use the same line item icon.

So what’s a great combination you’ve found (that’s not a Unique)? The more I look in the vending machines, the more possibilities seem fetching indeed. Do let me know if I’m missing something (or if you figure out what the fire and shock AoE prefixes are).

(edit - note to self: figure out/add mini-MIRV) :thinking:
edit - added fire and shock AoE names


Flamer is the fire one. Tesla is the shock one? Overall, I’m impressed by the options. Some of them, I’m not too fond of. Artillery type grenades should last a bit longer and sometimes, singularity effects happen at the end. I’d like Nuke better if it also increase splash radius.

My preferred is Atlas (homing) + MIRV/Bouncing. Good for crowd control and disables, I generally find grenades underwhelming in BL3, maybe because I have not founf something like the Bonus Package from BL2 yet.

I would like to see some grenade with ammo steal effect, maybe for Tediore since they are the guiltiest of ammo consumption.

Works for me, thanks!

…depends on the delivery. I was doing some testing and bought a Lobbed Impact Singularity, and it basically fired that singularity instantly wherever I threw the grenade (great for on-the-fly barrel mashups). If it was, for example, Lobbed Singularity (no Impact), it won’t fire the Singularity until the fuse runs out.

Yeah, for two grenades consumed, I’d like a bit more, but you may find one with one or two Large modifiers that will give this just the same.

I’ve been looking for a Lobbed Divider Impact with double Force: this would be like a Fastball, but should knock them back pretty hard. I must have this.

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Mini mirv splits from the normal mirv:
throw 1 (explodes) Splits in 3 (explodes) each splits again in 3 (explodes)
for a total of 13 explosions. Combine that with the nuke and moze’s torque cross promotion for some fancy fireworks :sunglasses:

Welcome to the forums!

Mini MIRV seems misleading as a name (like we’d only get two child grenades instead of three or something), where in reality, it’s more MIRV for your accessory. I’ll update the OP, thanks!

This would be pretty awesome with any other delivery system. The dual Singularity ensures that enemies are in the middle of the bullet spray when the grenade detonates.

Thanks for the tips. I’ve yet to see a double Force.


Found this recently. It’s pretty fun.


Found a really nice divider+rain tesla that covers half entire rooms in tesla coils.

Had a nuke+nuke+large grenade once, was pretty funny.

I’ve also been looking for a singularity grenade with trasfusion, but I’m beginning to think certain combinations (like this one) don’t exist.

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That does look great… like it’ll just throw enemies all over the place. :laughing:

Better than a Storm Front? :thinking:

I never even considered a double nuke :open_mouth:

I’ve only seen the stormfront on video, and while I can’t compare numbers, my regular purple grenade mod basically IS the Stormfront.

…found a poor-man’s Quasar. :laughing:

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It wasn’t good at all…


A different delivery mechanism and an element would make that pretty awesome though.

Can maybe add they’re not all diminishing. “Sticky” by itself is 25% damage to stuck target, but 2 - jumps to 100% damage to stuck target

Also noticed 3 “tranfusion” heals for 100% health damage dealt
“Large” 1 = 20% 2 = 40% 3 = 60%

Yeah, if I find a grenade with almost anything in triplicate, I’m keeping it.

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Dont give up… i just found 1 myself

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That’s disappointing to hear, as that is one I been trying to find to test out. That is definitely still a trophy grenade mod though.

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they’re called consultations :joy:

Grenades I particularly enjoyed while using Zane-Duct Tape Mod had: Homing, Bouncy and E-Divider(preferably X2). Excellent crowd control, no blowing yourself up, decent damage and made enforcers pretty much irrelevant.