Grenade features in BL3

Yeah, there are some OSHA regulations I missed somewhere by not reading SNTNL’s instruction manual about how to not get yourself torn up by grenades. I have some fantastic ones that I like to throw (heavy on the Nuke, Link, and various division mechanisms), but if SNTNL decides to drop one anywhere near me and I don’t have an exit strategy, it’s rough.

One tactic I’m going to try on my next run is to give him a Storm Front and I’ll wear a Transformer. This should alter this relationship to my benefit (now if I see him deploying a grenade, I can opt to slide through the fracas for some Violent Movement damage enhancement much more safely).

Do you ‘use’ the Duct Tape mod, or just sort of keep enemies at range and sometimes a grenade comes out? I’ve been torn about using that skill. (OMG I just had a thought: do weapons with multiple pellets roll those grenade dice on the first shot individually?)

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…um. I’ve never been hit by a SNTL or Clone Grenade…but Duct Tape will eff you up…

For clarification, I use Whispering Ice extensively and just run through my clone drone snow cones

We need one QoL change : stop making the Singularity on Rain grenades throw enemies up. Just drop the singularity at the impact point.

These homing grenades are great; except for when you toss it at a psycho with a bat, ive had a number of them smack it at me, then it starts chasing me n tbh there’s absolutely no escape then

That can happen??? Didn’t know that…

Skags also throw stuff back

Oh wow - good to know!

…never seen this. Any Skag? :thinking:

Try throwing a Tediore at them. It…it gets funny…til it’s not


That’s the first time I see that, nice find.

If you’re on PC I can send it to someone who wants it.

Darn, I’m on PS4, I definitely would’ve taken it.

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I’d be happy to have it. thepigvomit on epic

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Yeah, those skags will catch your grenades with their tongues and bring them back to you.

Got this last night. Decided to test it out with various grenades. Definitely stats that’d I recommend for MIRV and/or Link Grenades.

I take it back about Nuke grenades needing more radius. It’s decent. I think this is more efficient than the Triple Nuke. I could be wrong.

This one was fun. No matter how far away I threw it. I’d still get caught in the blast radius.

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Ha ha! Nice.

Got one with three Roids on it (basic damage upgrade)… no fuse makes it a little rough

This one bring some pretty great pain… might be better than my Storm Front?

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I found 1 almost like that, though its jumping, much better than the force 1 i found just before it…(that couldnt even stagger a tink :thinking:) feeling that prefix isnt working quite as intended

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I wonder what affects the blast radius. It seems to vary a lot.

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I’m surprised three Roider effects only amounts to 50% more damage. Still - that’s a pretty good budget Fastball. The Large effect increases the radius.

Would anyone be able to wager a guess on how many explosions this grenade would have?

My guess is either 20 at maximum, though maybe only 14 if the mirving process counts as a bounce + detonation. Although have someone trying to say its 24. Just looking for some clarification, also linked them to here since it was derailing that topic

Update - tested further against a maliwan jetpack trooper, vampyr is recieving up to 26 procs off a single enemy; i have also singled 1 out after mirv(ing), it had 4 explosions multiple times ; sometimes with only 3 but vampyr was still counting 4 in some of these instances
Rulings up to you; but im saying 26 for maximum number of explosions


Based on my experience with similar Atlas grenades that would be 20 hits. I came here from the other thread and that person’s math is horrendously bad.

A breakdown for anyone who doesn’t understand how we get to 20 hits with that.

Throw grenade. Grenade splits, two grenades hit. 2 hits
Two grenades break into 3 MIRVs each, 6 in total. 6 MIRVs hit a first time. 8 hits
6 MIRVS hit a second time. 14hits
6 MIRVS hit a third time and are destroyed. - 20 hits total

The bouncy trait doesn’t appear to apply to the base grenades if they have the MIRV trait. Not sure what the interaction is, if MIRV overrides it, cancels it, or what. The first grenade seems to always explode as soon as it comes into contact with anything from what I’ve seen.

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