Grenade Gunner Annointment - any way to make it continue working ? (For Iron bear)


So it’s a pretty rare annointment but some times grenades can spawn with the annointment where if Iron bear takes damage, there is a 20% chance to spawn mozes equipped grenade .

Needless to say, this is awesome . I have a fire epicenter with it and it procs a lot . Farming sky bullies like crazy hoping to get an annointed recuritng hex but not holding my breath

Now here’s the problem: it only works the first time you use IB after equipping it. To get it to work next time you get in IB, you have to unequip and equip the grenade before each time you get into IB, otherwise it doesn’t work

That’s the only work around to get it to work the entire time . But SOMETIMES it worked 2nd time I got into IB without me doing all this , so I *think * there might be a way to keep it working without the unequip and equip method.

I hope so anyways. I wanted to create this thread so maybe we can get our collective minds together and see what we can come up with

So far… I think exiting iron bear rather than let its duration run out might let it continue working… but even that isnt 100% .

I need that skill badly on a good gernade. That only shows on gernade right?

Use that to submit it as a bug. Bugs that are reliably reproducible are usually not too hard to get fixed. That long list of bug fixes every patch is from people reporting stuff like this. Your level of detail will help out QA quite a bit.

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Yeah, and it wasnt until 2 weeks ago after 100 hours or more playing this game that I even saw it.

Its rare but keep checking vending machines. It shows up on grenades (that’s how I got it )

And the funny thing is literally same day I found out about this from a vending machine, I somehow, magically , got an Epicenter to drop with the annointment.

The epeoceter is decent but no were near as fun as my radiation recurring hex . Plus the bug where you need fo unequip and equip the grenade to keep IB spawning grenades gets annoying

Still, I’m desperately looking for a recurring hex with that annointment

I thought that was a brand new annointment

Already did more than a week ago !

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I was told it wasnt when I made a thread about it about a week or so ago

Dang I’ve literally never seen it til now. I play on ps4 maybe it wasnt allowed to drop. For some reason this game has soooooooooooooo mannnnnnnyyyyy bugs that differ from system to system. Their coders must be like a B team or something

Until very recently grenade anointment rates were incredibly low. Wouldn’t have been surprising to play for over a hundred hours and never see one. They’re quite a bit more common now, and the latest patch seems to have added a few extras (that aren’t terror related).

Just wondering if anyones figured a way around this bug?

I haven’t encountered that problem on PC. Grenade effect works every time for me.

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