Grenade Jumps Help

Hey all,

Can anyone tell me how to do the Grenade (Rocket) Jumps? I can’t seem to do them very well/consistently.

Am I supposed to jump as I trigger the grenade? Or just stand on it and trigger it, or what?


It’s not as much of a jump as you getting thrown. You don’t go high, but you get launched. Put yourself to the side of it or run, throw it in front of you, jump until you’re in front of it, then use it for a boost. It’s closer to Caldarius’ jump then a geyser boost.

Yeah, I’m experimenting with it right now and you can’t really get height on the jump. You can get some really good distance if you take a running leap onto the charge as you detonate.

I might record some of it and make a little guide/tip video on explosive jumping with him. It’s mostly about catching the charge’s explosion radius while you’re still moving forward. If you catch it while you’re on the downward arc of your jump, you’ll miss it or get very little push.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve mostly been experiencing, yet, when I checked out their Ernest stream (from the Battleplan) the player they had showcasing him was getting great height an distance!
I assumed I must not be doing it quite right . . .

What helix choices did he have, if you remember? I’m testing various things and I’m wondering if Chain Reaction will let you get better height by stacking Charges.

Not sure, but that’s a good idea! Worth checking out . . .

I tried Chain Reaction, doesn’t seems to stack the “push” effect from both nade.

Ah, too bad.

I may check out the stream again and this time pay closer attention to what exactly he was doing . . .

I seem to have gotten the hang of it.
You basically want to be moving in the direction you want to travel and detonate just after you pass the explosive. You have to be sure to be kind of looking down when you do it though, or the detonator won’t trigger the grenade.

Actually, you don’t have to look at the nade. At least for the first grenade (If you look away from it, it still explode when you use the trigger)
If you got multiple of them, and if you look away from them, it will detonate the first one you placed.

It’s a bit buggy though, sometime it doesn’t work. Not sure why.
But it’s handy when it does.

Also, personally, i try to be a step or two after the nade, and detonate the grenade just as i jump, so i get a lot of horizontal “range” (Great escape. “Ernest away!”)
I also managed to make an enemy Boldur fly so freaking far (Perfect timing) he would have made Benedict and Caldy jealous.

I can’t get too much height though, like 5 meters or something.

So, i guess there is no way to improve the “push” effect from the grenade. Seems it’s just good timing.

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