Grenade launchers

Just curious why there isnt any grenade launchers in b3. Unless i haven’t found one yet. I’ve found a lot of guns tho. I got almost 200 legendary in my vault. I use to love some of the grenade launchers in the older borderlands. I think they would be better then 90% of the heavy type weapons we have now.

I can only think of 1, being the mission weapon that destroys the cauldrons in the jakobs estate map; names of it and the mission are currently slipping my mind though

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There are plenty of Vladof underbarrel grenade launchers. And I think Torgue alien barrel shotguns are essentially grenade launchers.


Yea under barrel dont feel much like a grenade launcher and yes the shotguns put out some nice damage but i rather have a grenade laucher that has perks based around it. Like the bulldog. I loved that launcher in b1.

There is literally an underbarrel grenade launcher at a lvl 5 quest. Then just plenty of those if you pick up vladofs.

What grenade launchers? You mean the explosive shotguns in BL1? Or maybe the Torgue barrel AR’s in BL2?

The torgue shotgun with one pellet per shot is a grenade launcher.

There are some heavy weapons that look like RPGs on the card, but actually are more like grenade launchers.

Not sure, but isn’t Jericho one?

That’s a mortar launcher. :stuck_out_tongue: I think the single, double and triple Torgue shotguns are the closest to a grenade launcher.

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